A NetEase ndiana yuan rich play multiple harvest

with the electricity supplier in the form of more and more in-depth, the concept of "more and more popular, raise public NetEase as a domestic advanced Internet Co, the combination of the two concepts — NetEase launched one yuan Indiana platform user feedback. A NetEase in Indiana yuan platform, users only need to spend 1 yuan of money, it is possible to obtain the current popular commodity prices, play fresh, fair and open the lottery mode, this summer has been hot pursuit.


NetEase one yuan Indiana rich gameplay, including conventional Indiana, Indiana, a coin ten yuan area and so on, wonderful play bring fresh stimulus is not the same, but also harvest multiple surprises.

In a conventional

Indiana Indiana NetEase yuan platform game, the user can obtain the corresponding currency according to the rules of operation platform of indiana. Then choose the prize, the number of the corresponding number of each item, and these numbers are unique. The user consumes 1 Indiana coins, which can obtain 1 randomly assigned number system. Users get the number that is said to participate in Indiana activities successfully. When all the numbers have been assigned, the system calculated according to the rules of the 1 lucky numbers, the number of users holding the direct access to the goods.

NetEase one yuan Indiana Indiana game platform allows users to grant credits to harvest free Indiana experience. Users only need to complete the system specified task can get the corresponding gift money, use a coin currency area can be selected to participate in the activities of commodity Indiana, lucky users can get a few free goods.


in addition, ten yuan area regulations in people must be a multiple of 10, still the random distribution of goods number, it is worth mentioning that ten yuan area lucky prize is generally hot explosion models, so this play a Indiana platform but also by a lot of users welcome.

NetEase one yuan Indiana rich gameplay bring fresh experience to users at the same time, but also allows users to gain full of surprises. Most importantly, the NetEase a lucky number yuan Indiana calculation rules of open and fair, so that users can safely participate in. Indiana Indiana yuan a netizen process is completely transparent, the number of participants and the number of participation, and a list of lucky number information records the user can view each item. Fortunately, the number of rules added to the old color data as a fair data source to ensure the randomness of the results announced, in order to protect the fairness of the platform.


can gain rich gameplay, multiple surprises, platform transparent and fair, which is why NetEase one yuan Indiana in the summer after harvest. As a NetEase, Indiana yuan to raise public mode of continuous improvement, will also bring users more surprises experience.

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