ntroduction of new food law electricity supplier sales of inferior food will be halted

in October 1st, known as the history of the most stringent new food safety law has been introduced, on the network platform to sell food businesses, must be registered in the relevant departments of real name. Of course, including electronic business platform to sell food shops, especially Taobao, Tmall, there are a lot of snacks and specialty shops. But the credibility of these food shops is not good, the quality of food sold can not be guaranteed, and even a lot of food insecurity. While the other part of the food sold online shop, refers to the U.S., hungry this ordering platform, many lines of fast food restaurants have settled in the ordering platform.


business platform of food adulteration disaster caused by flooding water

Since Taobao is selling

after exposure, the electronic business platform the quality of the goods as we always pay attention to the topic. Of course, Taobao, Tmall food is more likely to fraud, especially some specialty and retail stores, the absolute majority can not guarantee the quality of food, as well as sources of channels. In Taobao, Tmall platform already food adulteration phenomenon so that consumers buy in the disaster caused by flooding water, the retail business platform should be cautious. Substandard food is more dangerous than clothing, in the final analysis is the responsibility of the third party trading platform and shops, but it is difficult to investigate their responsibilities. Online shop selling cottage food is illegal, so the online sale of cottage food should also be illegal, should be monitored and severely crack down on.

business platform selling food to the magic

how to supervise the Taobao, ordering on the platform of food shops, these shops should give a straitjacket, the new "food safety law" as a inhibition. After the registration of the real name system, once checked to a shop selling cottage food, or poor quality food, then you can quickly find the responsible party. The best is to pursue the responsibility, otherwise given heavy fines, there will still be a sinister business for profit, consumers continue to sell copycat food. While Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform is still the focus of the monitoring object, because the number of businesses or shops involved too much, and the real name system registration is more trouble.

consumers to buy poor quality food, first of all, should be on the trading platform for complaints, if the transaction platform is not processed, then the third party trading platform is difficult to shirk responsibility. The new "food safety law" should specify the responsibilities of the trading platform, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to check the food store. In addition to the trading platform, the rest is the responsibility of the store, the reason why it is difficult to cure cottage food, because there is a complete chain of black interests behind. Junk food from the manufacturing of small factories, to purchase a small grocery store, or shop.

With the increase in the number of

shop, Taobao shops, micro shop, etc., in fact, the shop should be the same as the line and the store. The need for real name authentication, the need to pay the relevant operating tax, of course, the new food safety law will encounter a lot of obstacles. Article source: task network http://s.soho125.cn/ are written to retain the original reprint! < >

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