SAC clear punishment Ali indicators for the daily turnover of 1%


technology news at noon on January 29th news, according to the "I" in the scene in the client reports, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on July 16, 2014 on the Alibaba held administrative guidance on the forum, the Bureau of the network supervision department director Liu Hongliang issued a clear annual index of punishment Alibaba group, requiring local business staff. Liu Hongliang said, for Ali a year to punish "1800 or even thousands of times", "Ali platform of enterprises, businesses will open a ticket, this is a normal".

reported that SAIC announced called "white paper" after the meeting, participants have revealed that at the time the meeting: Liu Ali also has more explicit "administrative guidance", such as warning to punish "1800 Ali or even thousands of times a year, such as per day trading volume of one percent administrative penalties issued the index. After the comparison, the following recordings were not written in the white paper.

Liu Hongliang said: "the administrative penalty is just fourth steps one percent, 31 provinces, 400 thousand business people will go to this step, to Ali platform enterprises, businesses will open a ticket, this is the norm, such as a ticket when it was to have harmonious ecological coordination the durative of security, because they perform their duties in the.

director Liu Hongliang also said: "some people may say, director Liu has a prejudice against Ali, he how old fault? I can come today, I have no prejudice to Ali, I use my action evidence, because this is my duty. Open a joke, all of our comrades in this row add up to the annual salary is not on the monthly salary. This is not a joke ah, you have a month’s salary is equal to those of us who salary together ah, that is more than not Xiaofeng, comparisons are odious." (munan)

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