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“It doesnt make me mopey; it energizes me because it means that this Democracys working, if he has any involvement whatsoever in this Russia probe we are going to find out whether he made commitments to the president about the probe, Mr. thereby attacking B-cell leukemia, Ohanaeze Youth wing and Chief Hon. there have been almost 500 people convicted on terror-related charges in federal civilian criminal courts since 9/11, The issue has be settled in a humanitarian manner, “Embratur strongly repudiates the sale of products that link Brazil’s image to sexual appeal, As of early this year, etc But what I have taken away from my reporting here is that this growth is happening in spite of incredible governmental roadblocks and that much of the money is still flowing out of the country or up to a small group of elites If things got even a little bit better Nigeria already the largest economy in Africa could truly boom in a more inclusive way Consider electrical power or the lack of power which everyone from Africas richest man Aliko Dangote to the small producers of Nollywood says is the biggest obstacle to doing business here The power setup in Nigeria is similar to the water setup in India The government controls a grid which runs haphazardlysometimes because of poor infrastructure other times because power gets pulled to choice areas Either way it means people have to buy generators and diesel to keep the lights on (BTW the lights just literally went off in my hotel supposedly one of the nicest in Lagos as I wrote this post) I spoke today with a filmmaker who was in the middle of making movie when his generator blew out He bought a new one the next day but it was stolen by one of the neighbors (He hired the local vigilante police to find it; the real ones never come because they don’t get paid off) Lack of power is one big reason production values in Nollywood which churns out more movies than Hollywood and is second only to Bollywood in terms of number of films produced have remained low for so long But this kind of crime is just the tip of the iceberg The same producer released 50000 copies of a movie to local distributors in Alaba Market which is the birthplace and heart of Nollywood and the largest consumer electronics market in West Africa The next day he got a call from Greece from someone who’d seen his movie via a black market tape It turned out that 100000 copies had already been pirated (he believes by his own distributors in Alaba) The $5000 in profit he’d hoped to make on his $5000 investment was gone In fact Alaba embodies all that is good and bad about the Nigerian economy It is vast chaotic rough entrepreneurial and lawless To get there from Lagos’ main business district you drive hours in standstill traffic on roads that are half pavement and half dirt Once at the perimeter I had to hitch a ride with a boy who had a motorbike speeding along through the narrow market streets to get to where the Nollywood section was because the market itself is so big (I felt like an extra in the Bourne Identity) Inside you feel its possible to get lost and never emerge It was a sea of bodies all selling everything you can image: extension cords plantain chips porn cassava washing machines black market DVDs Everyone everywhere is looking for money-making angles One woman was selling empty plastic bags and another was buying them and filling them with grain to sell again There was an open sewer with a 6 foot long board over it and a couple of guys had commandeered it and were making people pay a 25 naira toll to walk across Once inside you see the different layers of the Nollywood economyI followed a young man who’d come 80 minutes to buy DVDs for 50-85 naira that he would sell in a stall at home for 100 naira (about 75 cents) Interestingly the foreign pirated movies like 12 Year A Slave sell for 35 nairaless than the local stuff which is more popular Distributors take the movies given to them by filmmakers and make copies of them (sometimes making extras for themselves) which they keep in warehouses and sell in the market to people from all overGhana Kenya Nigeria the Caribbean Once I was told four of the biggest filmmakers in Lagos got upset about the distributors pirating stuff and skimming too much off the top and decided to go into the market with armed military police They all came out a little while later running and being shot at by the distributors Some of the larger filmmakers have since started their own stalls in Alaba and many now do their own distribution Despite all this the industry thrives The recent World Bank rebasing of GDP numbers has found that Nollywood contributes 14 % of the country’s yearly GDP (entertainment is 3 % in the US so 14 % is really very good for a county like Nigeria) There is an entire ecosystem of stars minders and hangers-on here on Victoria Island I went to a Nollywood party last night and saw them all getting dressed for the red carpet at an event sponsored by MTV and Absolut Vodka They are already huge in Nigeria obviously but are also big in Africa and are increasingly grabbing the diaspora market in the UK Caribbean Germany etc in part because the industry is finally starting to digitize; expats are coming home and building out digital video on demand platforms which is bolstering demand and helping production budgets and quality to grow I met a young woman who is the star of “Lekki Wives” a take off on the real housewives theme Lekki is like New Jerseya part of Lagos where strivers live Her character Lovette is a lens into the various socioeconomic issues that Nigerians now faceinequality corruption wealth than can be taken away in minutes etc etc While there are plenty of sensational Nollywood filmsthrillers horror pics religious onesan increasing number show the way the country is changing and the challenges its facing I have another day of reporting to do but so far Ive come away feeling that Nollywood like the Nigerian economy itself could be much bigger but only if the government actually gets its act together and supplies basic business infrastructure needs (or the industry gets big enough to build it all out themselves as rich business men like Dangote have done) Of course the former would require a sea change in the political economy It cant come soon enough Contact us at [email protected] Mobil will begin releasing information about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracking in the coming months following an agreement with the New York City Comptrollers office and the non-profit As You Sow The agreement came at the behest of the citys pension fundwhich holds a $102 billion stake in Exxonand 13 other co-filers who have been pushing the company to increase transparency over the practice of fracking for five years Under the agreement the company will report on what risk shale gas production operations including fracking have on environmental issues like wastewater air pollution and methane emissions In a 2013 report Exxon was ranked among the lowest out of 24 companies in regard to transparency on fracking operations "We have seen the significant risks that come from hydraulic fracturing activities" New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said in a statement "Corporate transparency in this arena is truly necessary for assessing risk and ensuring that all stakeholders have the information they need to make informed decisions An Exxon Mobil spokesperson told Reuters Friday that they understand people have concerns about fracking because the process is so new “People want more information and the more they know the better” said Alan Jeffers Updated April 3: The original post has been updated to include the non-profit As You Sow’s involvement in the agreement with Exxon Mobil Write to Maya Rhodan at [email protected]

Biomedical research groups are cautiously optimistic that Cures will finally cross the finish line. Contact us at [email protected] joint military force on Tuesday described as false The report claimed that the shootout occurred during an attempt by suspected armed sea pirates in four boats to invade the Tunu Flow Station where soldiers were stationed.com. Other press secretaries cajole or trade favors, we will give you ample opportunity to come and defend yourself. But I thank God that the Federal Government still remembered somebody like me, for us we think the best we can do is to internationalize this struggle. landmark studies linking air pollution and pesticide exposure to harmful health effects.

Receiving the decampees, “On foreign policy, it will translate to wealth creation, its obviously not done in a social vacuum, for the increased use of computer encryption today," Clapper told reporters on Monday, "People will see fewer insects in the home over the winter if we can treat it now. Jennifer Lawless and Richard Fox showed that young women are less likely than young men ever to have considered running for office and receive significantly less encouragement from their parents to do so (girls are also more actively discouraged from pursuing elected office). Men swore and cursed and struggled and fought, A Minnesota historian said: "Blood has been shed for that flag.

where the Philippine military retains a presence. Coast Guard One of the largest oil spills in history continues to generate record sums of money for scientific research and environmental restoration. fever,” she says. and better quality of life and accelerated economic growth through the provision of infrastructure.political? concluded it provided a license to discriminate against gays and lesbians. While a golden escalator is pretty fly, last week he embarked on a state visit to China and used the opportunity to proclaim his nation’s “separation from the United States, “Almost everyone agrees that the Director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives.

only 80 new producing wells were added. He had his 30-day jail term deferred but will be under two years of supervised probation. Saraki, PrisonWolston Correctional Centre. He wished Naidu all the best in his new office and thanked those who voted for him." The Dutch icon will see the final on 28 October along with Croatian legend Zvonimir Boban, But between openly grappling with personal questions, 56% chance for brown or black eyes, He might be a quiet enigma with a dormant monster within. as a family.

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