China Automation Mall for small and medium manufacturing enterprises to provide professional service

with the rapid development of China’s economy, compared to before the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are faced with more opportunities and challenges, under the fierce market competition, small and medium-sized manufacturing industry has been looking for its own development direction. A lot of business life is very short, at the same time, countries in order to stimulate employment and economic development, encourage entrepreneurship, increased competition among enterprises in the intangible, if not timely adapt to the market development, to find suitable for their own direction, will face an unexpected crisis of small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises.

custom: procurement more professional

continuous purchasing price and quality problems caused by a lot of demand? Decentralized procurement workload? Low price goods buy finished? In the development of SMEs not only faces these problems! Can not split packaging waste caused by the sale of goods! Common commodity procurement cycle is difficult to control and often unexpected! It disrupted the original plan! Professional products lack of professional service! At present, due to the impact of the environment, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are faced with many common confusion in the development of



when the enterprise procurement appears certain loophole, influence is the operation and development of the whole enterprise, the automation centre is major news for small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises! The mall automation ( is a small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises for service business platform, here, small business and engineering equipment maintenance outsourcing can achieve better product procurement and so on, the mall can provide automatic transmission and power controller, industry accessories supply, special customer special accessories unpacking of goods stored, small scattered combination, software sales and product service, truly want customers to meet the needs of all, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to purchase.  

user centric: provide accurate procurement services

as a good small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, whether you need sunshine purchase, transparent and reasonable prices, customer service quality assurance?? according to need and quantity, on time delivery of




mall automation integration of online and offline resources, focus on small engineering integrators and equipment maintenance outsourcing services for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, become a benign communication link between enterprise and enterprise, create a perfect enterprise procurement system. According to the law of development of small and medium manufacturing industry and demand, through the rational allocation of resources, the price of sunshine transparent, orderly pre-sale, after sale management, to provide procurement protection.  

in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the real management is considered the company’s development strategy, business development direction, establish the management system of the company, improve the company’s work processes, the formation of excellent management team and so on, rather than a matter of fact to deal with things. "

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