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R-Ark. got the ball rolling during an appearance Sunday on CBSs Face the Nation “In the emails that were on Hillary Clintons private server there were conversations among her senior advisers about this gentleman" he said "That goes to show just how reckless and careless her decision was to put that kind of highly classified information a private server" The Drudge Report ran with a story from the Washington Examiner a conservative website on Cottons remarks and Trump tweeted about it the next day While the Clinton emails didnt mention Amiri by nameand were unclassifiedtheir timing matches news stories about Amiri published contemporaneously The FBI has said there is no evidence Clintons emails were hacked but has also said finding evidence of such pilfering would be hard to find Given that its impossible to prove a negative its an ideal case for political mischief "Many people are saying that the Iranians killed the scientist who helped the US because of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails" Trumps Monday tweet said This is a new kind of "dirty trick" In their original form such political shenanigans made infamous by Richard Nixon attempted to fool innocents But in their latest incarnationDirty Tricks 20they serve only to make already-believing true believers more rabid At the same time such claims convince the other side of the rightness of their cause while those in the middle simply tune out the mayhem With such a polarized electorate each side is willing to surrender skepticism and believe the worst about its foes (Democratic whispers that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is a stooge of Russian president Vladimir Putin for example traffics in the same muck although not as deeply) Other Trump allies are engaging in such politically motivated claims On Monday the families of two of the four Americans killed by Islamic militants in Libya in 2012 sued Clinton saying her "reckless" handling of classified information led to their deaths They did so despite repeated probes that found Clinton not culpable and a recent personal plea from the mother of Christopher Stevens the US ambassador to Libya who also perished in the attack to stop using the deaths for partisan political purposes The peril posed by such loose truths is simple It is a conflagration in the nations political discourse fed by factions who believe only what they want to believe Its a blaze fueled by the cable TV networks they watch the websites they visit and their social-media haunts (Facebook is full of posters unfriending "friends" with different political outlooks) Fewer friends on Facebook of course wouldnt be a bad thing for many Americans But the screeds highlight a shrinking body politic built around traditional American centrist attitudes That works against the democratic tradition of honest debate and compromise The danger is that partisans may increasingly sacrifice once-shared versions of the truth in favor of those that mesh with their ideology Trump smelling defeat already senses an opening "I’m afraid the election is going to be rigged" he told supporters last week in Ohio "I have to be honest" Write to Mark Thompson at [email protected] Oklahoma court halted the execution scheduled for Wednesday of a convicted murderer amid growing concern he may be innocent The Associated Press reports an appeals court halted the execution of Richard Glossip shortly before he was scheduled to be executed after his attorneys asked for time to review new evidence including a claim by another inmate that he overheard the other man convicted in the case admit he acted alone Glossip was convicted of murder in 1977 after being linked to the death of Barry Van Treese Justin Sneed who bludgeoned Van Treese to death said he had been paid to do so by Glossip But some have questioned the verdict arguing that Sneed’s testimony in court came in exchange for a deal with prosecutors and that there is no concrete evidence linking Glossip to the crime Sneed’s daughter recently argued in a letter that the state delay the execution saying her father has wanted to revoke his testimony “One innocent life has already been taken by my father’s actions” wrote Sneed’s daughter ORyan Justine Sneed “A second one doesn’t deserve to be taken as well” Another controversial aspect of the execution is its method: lethal injection If the execution proceeds as scheduled Glossip will be killed using a drug that has led to botched executions in the past Three different inmates Dennis McGuire in Ohio Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma and Joseph Wood in Arizona appeared to experience difficulties during executions last year when executioners used the drug midazolam The US Supreme Court upheld the legality of using the drug in June “I am worried they will botch it again” Glossip told CNN However family members of Glossip’s alleged victim have said the execution should proceed The victim’s son Daniel Van Treese told NBC News that Glossip’s defenders “have more money than sense” and were pushing an agenda “Let us get on with our lives” said Van Treese Write to Justin Worland at [email protected] Jimmy Fallon never takes it easy on the celebrities that stop by The Tonight Show Whatever game he has put together be it arm-wrestling with Liam Neeson playing Catch Phrase with Jennifer Lopez waging a Water War against Chris Hemsworth or squaring off against Emma Stone in a Lip Sync Battle Fallon is in it to win it It was no different last night when Keri Russell stopped by to talk about The Americans her FX show that begins its new season Jan 28 Fallon challenged the actress to a round of frat house favorite game flip cup but there was a twist The two faced off over a row of beer-filled party props while wearing inflatable suits leaving nothing but tears and a trail of flipped cups in their wake Russell was determined but Fallon has a competitive streak Contact us at [email protected]: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones Before Westeros’ magnificent seven were ambushed by the army of the dead in Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones the group which included Jon Snow Tormund Jorah Mormont Gendry Beric Dondarrion Thoros of Myr and the Hound spent some time getting to know each other Jon kicked off the trek beyond the Wall by offering to return Longclaw the ancestral Valyrian steel sword of House Mormont to Jorah However he soon found himself walking beside Beric which led to a meaningful conversation about the significance of their resurrections To refresh your memory Jon was brought back to life by Melisandre following his murder at the hands of his Night’s Watch brothers while Beric was resurrected six separate times by Thoros after originally being killed by the Mountain Despite the fact that he once told Arya that every time he comes back he’s a “bit less” Beric a true believer in the Lord of Light has long seemed relatively at peace with the idea that his fate is out of his control Jon on the other hand has consistently struggled to accept that he is apparently destined to fulfill some greater purpose Following Jon’s season six resurrection Kit Harington who plays the King in the North described his character’s distressed state of mind “Theres a brilliant line when Melisandre asks: ‘What did you see’ And he says: ‘Nothing there was nothing at all’” Harington told Entertainment Weekly referring to Jon’s account of the afterlife or rather lack thereof “That cuts right to our deepest fear that theres nothing after death And thats the most important line in the whole season for me Jons never been afraid of death and thats made him a strong and honorable person He realizes something about his life now: He has to live it because thats all there is Hes been over the line and theres nothing there And that changes him It literally puts the fear of god into him Hes seen oblivion and thats got to change somebody in the most fundamental way there is He doesnt want to die ever again But if he does he doesnt want to be brought back" MORE: To stay up to date on everything Game of Thrones follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter However Beric’s insight into their continued survival seemed to finally give Jon a way to process what happened to him After Jon explained that he doesn’t serve the Lord of Light because he doesn’t understand what the Lord wants from him Beric offered a perspective on their situation that seemed to resonate with Jon’s deep-rooted commitment to honor and duty “I don’t think it’s our purpose to understand Except one thing we’re soldiers” Beric told him “We have to know what we’re fighting for I’m not fighting so some man or woman I barely know can sit on a throne made of swords…[I’m fighting for] life Death is the enemy The first enemy and the last…The enemy always wins And we still need to fight him That’s all I know You and I won’t find much joy while we’re here but we can keep others alive We can defend those who can’t defend themselves…Maybe we don’t need to understand any more than that Maybe that’s enough” This message appeared to strike a chord with Jon who echoed a line from the Night’s Watch vows that he once swore to spend his entire life upholding “I am the shield that guards the realms of men” he replied With Thoros dead Beric is officially on his last life meaning his ultimate destiny will almost certainly soon be revealed As for Jon evidence continues to pile up that he is in fact the Prince That Was Promised The finale of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs Aug 27 at 9 pm on HBO Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected] civilian was also killed while 15 others were injured, but you can’t fool the plants. it started a 15-minute window in which they didn’t have to input their password again to buy something else. 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