Wang Tong the harm of Taobao mode to Chinese economy

Ma Yun said: he wants to let the world is not difficult to do business!

results are: he let the world business is more and more difficult to do, not only difficult to do under the line, Taobao more difficult to do!

Ma Yun said: he wants to build China’s business integrity system

results are: Taobao is the most popular trading platform fakes, engage in false sales of the most serious cheating platform!




Wang Tongqie here to give you an analysis of the core reasons:

1, Taobao why make the world business difficult to do?

first traditional business:

over the past few years, commercial real estate began to become bleak, often a huge shopping malls become empty, business increasingly difficult to do. Take Ma’s words, these traditional shops in the face of e-commerce, like a fist against the submachine gun, useless, must be killed.


consumers go shopping, see the love of goods are on the Taobao search, Taobao is mostly imitation goods and goods, the price is certainly better than the next line shop cheap, so consumers choose to buy in Taobao.

so many shops began to collapse…… .

Although Taobao

has created a lot of jobs, the fact is that Taobao also brings more unemployment!!!

then Taobao business

before 2010 to do business in Taobao, it is really good to do, why do it well because Taobao hit a lot of money to help you promote ah, competitors and not much, how to make it?


, Taobao is taking the pig model, fattened kill. Especially after 2010, Taobao charges are pushed out of the train advertising price is soaring, than Baidu for black.

if the direct advertising in Taobao promotion, it is basically losing money,

if you do not promote, there is no business. No way, can only continue to promote and popularize the results is that sales look scenery, the profits are negative, are losing money earned crying.

the result of a lot of Taobao shop is that in the previous few years to earn money in Taobao, Taobao also returned a year. Eventually began to shut shop or sell the results of processing. Now almost every month there is a good shop Taobao sales in the transfer.

in Taobao, if you do not want to spend money to promote, can only do Taobao search ranking optimization, but the most important factor affecting Taobao search ranking is sales.

so, almost all good Taobao stores are relying on fraud, brush up sales ranking. Last year 11 pairs of Taobao Shopping Festival, the day of about 50000000000 yuan. Insiders say that at least half of the brush out >

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