Double 11 good put the price, eventually turned into a rascal

double 11 has been playing for 8 years, the first rise after the fall, the line does not change the problem of homogeneity is still not changed. In this field, spend money like water revelry, full of sincerity buyers see is deeply sellers routine.

prices are all routines

"double 11" has not yet opened, buyers have been frustrated.

how many people will be required for the merchandise into the shopping cart, relish the total price of the "cliff" decline, experience the legendary shopping impulse. But I did not expect to jump up more than 200 yuan overnight. In the face of the tyrant screen double 11 advertising, links, and finally simply empty the shopping cart angrily. Say good "big put price"?

in order to make you feel in the pick cheap, electricity providers have resorted to the first rise after the fall of Yin strokes. In previous years, the "double 11", that always works.

"double 11" play for 8 years, but in a people know, "rose after the first drop" is a "double 11" play bad the unspoken rule. Why do businesses dare to do so?

this is to deal with the high cost of marketing.


on the one hand, the prosperity and development of online shopping market, more and more businesses settled business platform, leading to the marketing costs rising, businesses in order to "for the occasion" to participate in the "double 11" marketing; on the other hand, the flow of costs are rising, there are other media reported that the overall flow has accounted for the overall cost of sellers 10% of the cost, if the cash flow is not enough, the online cost may be even higher than the line.

The seller knowingly violate

, must be buyers reporting and complaints surge.

data from 12358 price supervision platform shows that this year, online shopping report for the 5 consecutive month, an increase of over 1200%. May, the first report of online shopping price growth rate exceeded 1000%. By September, has been 5 consecutive months of growth rate of more than 1200% in June is as high as 2622%.

, on the whole, this year’s’ double 11 ‘than in previous years has been a lot of norms, but does not rule out some of the businesses to engage in false promotions." Talk about a "double 11" of the ways in which price promotions, China online retail e-commerce research center director, said: "after the promotion pattern must be more diverse, and promotions will also be more standardized."

The so-called "business for"

"for" is a good word, but with the word "business" next to the awkward.

"double 11" two days ago, in a Japanese skincare brand’s official flagship store, the flagship mall is a marked "Tmall for" Cleansing Cream, each 60 grams, the price of 198 yuan, for "buy one" activities. The reporter in the line under the brand counters found that the 100 grams of facial cleanser price of $150. Even after the conversion of the price, the line

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