The difference between the virtual host and flat-share server

virtual host with more points, generally a machine with 200-300 space.
              flat-share server is typically 10-50 space.

virtual host is completely suitable for the new station, or type of enterprise website, such as day 1000 following IP website
            flat-share server for medium-sized website, 3000-6000 ip.

virtual host general support system is relatively small,
              flat-share space more flexible. Webmasters use more.

virtual host is generally IDC to do, for a variety of people.
            flat-share space is generally small IDC or some company or individual stationmaster people initiated.

virtual host computer a long time, because the host in the website, with a long time,
            flat-share space is also on the 10-20 website, opened at the same time.

virtual host is generally limited to generation, especially some more web pages, it accounted for the generation of static resources, IDC control is very strict
                flat-share space limit is not big, but the requirements generated during the night.

After the

virtual host general purchase, will not allow
              flat-share space can be converted to more flexible.

virtual host prices relatively affordable, and can replace the domain name in the novice do stand is very affordable,
              flat-share space is generally more expensive, in already profitable website, or flow is large sites have more market.

in the operation of the form, the virtual host is a network data center will build a number of virtual space room on a server, such as the establishment of a N WEB site by IIS, and then through the SERV-U to create N FTP accounts, each account of FTP corresponding to the jurisdiction of the virtual host.

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