The electricity supplier price war up to the climax again Beijing beauty showdown who is the master

11 is approaching, the war between the electricity supplier has been from the field of marketing competition scene taking foreign expansion at the escalating situation in. November 7th, the United States online chairman Mou Guixian released micro-blog, 101 real users are invited to form a price monitoring group micro-blog. If more than 51 people think Jingdong by comparing the price cheaper than Gome online, Mou Guixian promised to double off 11 sun light, and sent 100 yuan cash coupon for all forwarding micro-blog people. A remark that triggered crazy forwarding comments, in addition to ordinary users, electricity providers, IT, travel, fashion, automotive industry many micro-blog Master are encouraged to register, the current enrollment is far more than the number of recruitment plan.


Jingdong: Gome online "really"

Gome online Jingdong as the biggest competitor is easy to understand. At present, the United States online ranked fifth in the B2C business, the top 4 are Tmall, Jingdong, and Among them, Tmall, clothing department store, operating mode and the United States online is very different, not comparable. Although is quite similar with Gome online mode, but in recent years the transformation into a quagmire, performance continued to decline. Playing chess with Gome online chairman Mou Guixian with the words "to master, in order to enhance the level of their own", has been growing steadily, is always in the teeth of the storm Jingdong, naturally become the most suitable rival Gome online.

however, with Liu Qiangdong’s high-profile publicity personalities, Mou Guixian has always been a steady low-key image, so the double 11 "go" or surprised people. November 5th, Mou Guixian first through the establishment of the micro-blog, the United States online you will lose VS Jingdong really low topic, within a day, the amount of reading has been as high as about 22000000, more than 20 thousand times the number of forwards, the number of discussion of up to 28 thousand. Gome online public number also said on micro-blog, there is no minimum, only lower, you lose 300." In November 7th, Mou Guixian continued to recruit 101 "add fuel to the flames", micro-blog users to form a price monitoring group, double 11 real-time parity, and make the price to challenge their own failure of "naked" Sun nude bold move forward, gave each 100 yuan cash coupon. As user comments: United States online this time is really playing big".

double 11 this year, the United States and the United States online marketing slogan is the same, to see who is lower, not even Jingdong are not good, home appliances double 11, home in the United States have a strong taste for Jingdong. From the beginning of October 28th 11 double opener, the United States began to implement the online price protection for the past 30 days, parity Jingdong double the lowest price on the day of 11, buy expensive on the loss of 300. In the subsequent home appliance benefits, technology and other special tide page, there are eye-catching parity Jingdong. United States online home page, most of the United States and the column there are smart shopping features, users can click directly to see how much lower than Jingdong. All this fully proves that the United States online has already done the double 11 and full price for Jingdong, unashamedly.


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