Tmall test T2O hit series that look to buy clothing

to open the great Oriental TV drama "energy-saving", Oriental TV and Tmall reached the so-called "T2O" cooperation, if you look at the people in the audience of clothes and other goods, with the Tmall client sweep the Dragon TV logo will be able to buy.

Chinese famous Internet writer Gu diffuse ten years ago the creation of romantic novels "energy-saving", on the night of January 10th was finally moved on a TV series in prime time, will choose the novel adaptation of the TV series as a new year is the Oriental TV big drama.

is different from the previous drama, not only will the Oriental TV drama as a win over the audience, harvest nostalgia youth story, but going through the front of a marketing innovation initiative in all TV stations.

in this play, SMG is responsible for broadcast television drama series and marketing center will Tmall business platform in cooperation with the Alibaba’s, providing interactive shopping experience for "energy-saving". For Tmall, this is a part of the "scheme", which aims to promote cooperation with local television new interactive shopping, and Oriental TV became the first star Ali took off.

according to the content of cooperation, during the broadcast in the "energy-saving", equipped with Tmall mobile phone client mobile phone to scan the audience just Dragon TV logo, will jump into the TV interactive page in the interactive page the audience can see the new Lord Zhong Hanliang, Tang Yan angle synchronized with the TV series star with a garment, provide interactive purchase discount, "buy edge look".

according to the popular saying, this pattern should be called T2O (TV to Online), this is the first to be used in TV dramas in the "energy-saving" in water. Prior to Tmall has been in cooperation with CCTV tongue on China launched this model, when the program aired around the food, the audience can synchronize orders to buy Tmall products. In 2014, Tmall has been with Hunan TV dad where to go, "2" Oriental TV "goddess’s new clothes" the mode of cooperation.

and the choice of "energy-saving" as the theme of this drama, the first station of T2O, the reason is not difficult to understand. Gu diffuse this classic romantic novel has been in the field of network literature ten years of fermentation, the click rate has very high, and the drama starring popular idol Zhong Hanliang and Tang Yan, two people have huge fans. Youth idol drama in the shooting process has been a large number of goods implanted, which also makes this drama in line with the characteristics of electricity supplier cooperation.

news reporter from the Oriental TV interface to understand, in the Tmall T2O mode of cooperation on "energy-saving" in the "commodity content can buy edge" more than "goddess’s new clothes" is more abundant, but not limited to clothing goods. The main products are Oriental TV cooperation beauty brand "vegetation of the heart", "Anna textile brand", "H:CONNECT" brand, "zocainone jewelry brand", "brand Jiezhuang designer lamps", in addition to some men’s clothing and ornaments brand cooperation. But >

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