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electronic commerce website is the webmaster A5 have a good choice to return in the short term, you have to believe this fact, even YAHOO are doing promotion, my YAHOO bottom shopping menu in the online shopping website is a superb collection of beautiful things, uneven ocean, purchase the satisfied commodity is really nothing easy, no less, like look for a needle in the ocean, especially the choice of their satisfaction with the goods in the Taobao business in the dragons and fishes jumbled together. Do not touch the mind, do not know who is good or bad.

Taobao shopping guide site came into being. Baidu is to explain the terms of the shopping guide network, the narrow shopping guide network refers to the site name of the shopping guide website". Shopping network was born in May 2005, was created by a few people love the Internet, after several years of effort to build interactive shopping guide platform.

currently, shopping guide network members have reached hundreds of thousands. Many of them not only to the quality of life is also the rational consumption of white-collar class, and love to patronize the luxury brand of high-end people, little also not shy, but seemingly "shopping" is not at all the campus family lose to others. They are all members of the DG family who are particularly interested in shopping and are willing to share the fun with others!

said the popular point is to choose online sales of popular products be arranged good layout you browse. After all, people’s eyes are sharp. Selling popular goods and shops should be good. The final transaction is to complete through the major site of third party transactions such as Alipay and caifutong.. Shopping guide network is just a reference platform. Does not involve any transaction payment..

for our grassroots webmaster in the initial stage, shopping guide network is indeed a good choice. At least that’s what I think. The development of a good shopping guide site for everyone to do an example reference. I love my life as a web site in the real Taobao shopping exchange network as the theme, the founder of the team eventually Zhengshi stick in one direction: let everyone in the shopping website dazzling goods, Amoy to truly love baby!! let us work together! Here we can see others Taobao story, can taste their experiences, of course can also share their shopping experience, make shopping at ease at ease

finally, I wish all the webmaster A5 network site in the new year, the better the better, more income, please indicate the source:

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