Video interactive online shopping platform is the development trend of online shopping

The development of

e-commerce has more than ten years of history, since 1996, China’s first online transactions to the present, the mode of e-commerce has been expanded and extended. With the popularity of the Internet and the growth of the number of Internet users, online shopping has been more and more accepted by consumers. Interactive video network shopping platform is a new concept of e-commerce industry, 24cheng is the first domestic video interactive online shopping platform.


(photo: 24cheng e-commerce shopping platform)

24cheng do is the concept of network marketing and distribution. The traditional shopping platform either the seller or their own sales organization, is a buyer and a seller in the form for the user, the concept of 24cheng between the buyer and the seller also proposed a "salesman", is our baby shopping. This consignment sale network mode is a trend in the future.

24cheng is a shopping platform, but we ourselves do not recruit a lot of video CallCenter or purchase many goods to sell, we put the factory goods in the 24cheng shopping platform, and notify the baby shopping have new shelves, let the baby shopping to choose whether to sell this kind of product itself. The baby is independent of both the buyer and the seller and has full discretion in the selection of the sale of goods.

24cheng shopping for baby to provide a use of their own circle of sales platform, do not need to shop and purchase, can choose their love of goods for sale, at any time can change nature of the types of goods. When the baby can deal to 24cheng on shopping orders, customers can also order, as long as in the choice of trading with the baby to shopping. After the receipt of the order, the internal system of 24cheng will notify the merchant shipping at the end of the month, when shopping for baby settlement commission. Shopping for baby, every piece of goods may earn some profit, but to reduce the pressure of inventory and purchase troubles, and all the goods have quality assurance, because each business must go through 24cheng audit.

has a great influence on the influence of baby shopping sales, 24cheng will choose well-known moderators and plenty of time for Internet users to do shopping with baby, video promotion, sales of goods. The reason why the use of video format, because the video format will accelerate the popularity of the site gathered, in addition to video display more intuitive commodity, but also the future development of a trend.

24cheng model is a development trend of the Internet, the Internet ten years of development, I believe there are no experiential marketing. Now a large number of online products, users have no choice, in the selection of goods when users need to buy baby’s recommendation and services, which is a Vip experience.

shopping process there are two main. The first is to visit 24cheng ", to choose their own love of goods, and select appropriate baby shopping advice, then.

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