Jiang Xiuliang it’s all about money

is already registered the Ali Mama, my account also has been in use, occasionally up to see, diving, it is found Ali mother forum, remember that half a year ago, dragons and fishes jumbled together ah, there is a Chinese village, now do not know do not engage in their own development process, very powerful! Oh, do not know. The brother


left Mom in more than half a year, starting from 100IP contact Ali Mama, from 100IP to 20 thousand IP, then I have not to earn money, just do some adverstising, earn more than and 500 dollars


first, the domain name to make money, my domain name PR=4 I will sell 10 connections per month, the price of each connection is $50, which is $500, of course, PR can sell less money, do more point connection!

ads, put Ali’s mother’s ad will have a very good effect Oh!

do not let any of your site’s resources are idle, there is no garbage station, only the garbage station!

to tell you the truth, I have been in the first half of this year, DEDECMS, maybe you don’t know what CMS is, or you are a master program, I need to tell you here, don’t use the Internet to download a small program casually, I used to be old, black, with ASP the upload can use, very convenient, but the database being downloaded N

I come from the novice webmaster, is willing to help the new webmaster friends, if you want to do their own station

so please join our dedecms exchange group: 70437990

small fish will teach you to use DEDECMS Oh!

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