Net sales of millet mobile phone shop copycat selling shop has been shut down Taobao

recently, Chengdu citizens Mr. Jiang (a pseudonym) spent 2166 yuan to buy a mobile phone millet Note in a Taobao store, but after the millet official identification, this was just a few hundred dollars but the cost of copycat machine (newspaper has reported). According to Taobao complaint, Taobao has been to close the shop the day before.


had to buy a mobile phone shop called Wen Tao digital communications store". In March 4th, the store sold to Mr Jiang a millet note "copycat news after the exposure, the shop shelves quickly the millet note products, and the shop name changed to" the digital communication shop, but the shop still exists. In nearly a week of rights, Mr. Jiang uploaded millet official issued non authentic identification report, seeking Taobao customer service intervention. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter confirmed that the day before selling shop has been shut down, in addition to search, the direct input online address also shows the corresponding store information not found".

Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Ren Xiang Yang Ge

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