Alibaba to do the logistics Ma abacus very fine

in the logistics of e-commerce visits and research, Ma Yun’s large-scale logistics strategy finally heard the sound. But as Ma Yun said, the strategy is to fight. Ma Yun would really like he said to practice this ten years of big strategy?

Ma Yun said, the Alibaba to do the logistics determination is not "prompted by a sudden impulse".

but it seems in the industry, the current domestic logistics industry average profit and investment returns have not reached the ideal stage, the strategy statement released Ma Yun billion investment in the logistics industry seems more like a gimmick investment speculation.

according to the industry’s point of view, the domestic logistics has been in a relatively low level of management, business model, the old market scattered, uneven level, we all feel that this industry has the opportunity, but from the current PE, VC, have done, are concerned about how much, real investment less.

some people believe that Ma is more like to logistics enterprise who drew a pie, but also with the potential of e-business market theory, in order to stimulate the logistics industry investment and integration, in order to make the electronic commerce logistics facilities improve, let everyone not on the Taobao logistics criticized too much.

however, "it is the characteristics of Ma Yun buanpailichupai". It’s like every time he appeared in major public places, not bosses but it always bright in Western dress and leather shoes, yellow pullover.

In fact,

, if the reality from the e-commerce industry, ma do logistics is no lack of practical support. Because of Taobao’s online shopping topped, so the logistics distribution Taobao for the worst, and the Jingdong store, Eslite and other logistics distribution due to its own, thus highlighting the more perfect shopping experience and the advantages of the logistics cost and be optimistic about the future of e-commerce.

but always adhere to the open platform Ma has been unable to choose self built this road. Through courier a Taobao executives bluntly, if want to self logistics, the need to build a number of network to catch up with Shen Tong, etc. a courier company can afford? The current reality is that now the supply of all the courier companies together, Taobao orders is not enough to cope with the increase in demand.

as a self built logistics take the entire logistics industry chain Jingdong mall, although significantly improved the quality of distribution, but the logistics investment characteristics of burn like water "which is hidden in the late heavy capital exposed more and more.

The Secretary of the

Chinese International Freight Forwarders Association, Chinese Logistics Association Liu Jianxin in an interview with reporters said Chinese daily, the logistics industry and e-commerce industry can only be interdependent with each other, is their own professional advantage, can not take chain. The reason why the logistics industry can not meet the rapid growth of e-commerce needs, because of the widespread shortage of funds. The size of the investment of billions of funds Ma Yun logistics industry, the logistics industry warehousing hardware and market atmosphere is an excellent upgrade, but the only question is whether he would like to do as he said the opening of the

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