Pat shop access to Jingdong merchandise support surrounding O2O scene


group’s shop before officially released a new version of the APP shop, from the Jingdong proprietary food and beverage formal access to the differential marketing system of shop, now users can download applications in the major market, a key distribution agent. According to reports, in the future there will be more Jingdong proprietary goods have been transferred to pat shop Distribution system.

shop responsible Guo Bin said, with the Jingdong access import goods base, have better brand, quality and service endorsement of goods will be Jingdong group to help shop users to carry out low-cost distribution using social networks, compared to the market lack of supervision and service system of micro shop, shop supply and brand advantage more it is worth looking forward to.

A new version of the "

shop" APP "with the Jingdong distribution of goods", "store location" and "sellers circle" and "the manager notes" four features, of which the core is the Jingdong access mall import goods base.

in addition to the self access Jingdong commodity library, the new version of the pat shop APP added a number of features for the seller and the buyer to build an exchange between the circle, to create O2O service scene around. In the APP discovery channel, the new store location feature, buyers can easily find the core of the surrounding landmarks or shopping district of high-quality stores.

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