A day to earn 500 of the true story of the webmaster

Do Wangzhuan

for three years, three years is a sad, painful, there are countless cannot forget the memory, for three years, every day trying to do traffic, website, advertising alliance, but no matter how high the price of how much advertising, traffic, advertising click only less than 0.2%, this income is just a few dollars a day, not my server fees in this business site fought so many years, how can I be reconciled to this end? I have some webmaster want the idea of cheating! I know your cheating, if by the league title, only suffer, whether they are garbage alliance or formal alliance, you don’t have money, but I was really want money mad, so I started to cheat, the method is very simple, before looking for a few people change IP Advertising, the point of advertising, such a result is certainly closed, so busy for a month, almost no income.

later found www.shuaguanggao.com software each brush, rest assured, I am not advertising, this software brings each brush, click volume is very low, and the risk is very big, I bought a VIP, with a total profit of 100 yuan last less than, less than I do, so I want to have a method better.


thought of BUX station, this site can be heard false traffic, do not know if you can not engage in false advertising, search on the Internet after the discovery, the original really can brush advertising click, pure manual and can be set to IP per click is not repeated within 3 days is how, at the same time buy traffic, so I GG in the union account on a look, did not expect the first day there is $10, was scared, afraid of the title, just for the account, even PIN is not received, so scared quickly removed the advertising message, then quickly received PIN, and the Western Union received money, was really excited, immediately advertising, but soon realized that it was not profitable, although this only cost 10 yuan every day, return 200 yuan of money, but I hope Earn more, because I found that the BUX station is still a lot of profit, has reached 70%, so I went to the station square, hoping to buy into his program, he gave me the answer is: 200 yuan a program to buy or not, when the heart has hate bought, now want to think it is worth, the daily income of GG, Baidu, Ali, click on the total revenue to 1000 yuan, in addition to the BUX site’s income is 100 yuan, now is a big


many people may look down on me, but I really have the money, this is the truth! Website is to make money


look at me to open a new war to the fourth station, the station has no membership and advertising, but rest assured, as long as you go to the station every day to protect your ads, click on more than 500 hits, but is pure manual click, non change IP, and each click clean up cookie, and now the other.

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