Taobao officially launched the gold seller with a large number of exclusive resources


] May 28th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, has officially launched the "gold sellers". said, sellers hope out of "burning car", fight traffic circle, through the introduction of new gold sellers this new incentive mechanism, make more and more stable operation ability, the level of service sellers recognized by buyers.


It is reported that

, gold sellers logo will penetrate in the search results page, page list, shop shop home, baby details page, want to end buyers multiple scenes, buyers continue to strengthen awareness, enhance the credibility of the shop and the potential conversion rate. Gold seller also has the activity audit priority, in the investment platform has the right to participate in the priority activities under the same conditions.

moreover, some categories of will have gold sellers exclusive activities. Service priority, exclusive channel, wireless terminal display and other rights, will also gradually open in the gold seller after entering the official operating period. Taobao said that with the gradual increase in standards, equity will gradually increase.

evaluation on the gold sellers, said: "Taobao is the gold sellers according to the individual assessment of transactions, the store within a period of time, the refund rate and favorable rate disputes in the industry produce benchmark shop sellers."

2014, gold sellers will start from the trial operation, trial operation period from May 27th to June 30th., selected the first batch of pilot gold sellers data accumulation period is from early November 2013 to the end of April 2014. Test operation of the gold seller’s assessment indicators are divided into two basic dimensions of assessment and industry dynamic service standards. The basic assessment of the dimension of credit rating, shop length, trading volume, the rate of praise, the baby and the description of the degree of compliance, the seller’s service attitude, dispute refund rate and buyers favorite.

in addition, the seller must satisfy the added consumer protection plan, the natural year general rules for punishment of less than 12, the total value of the natural year without serious punishment, no online second-hand baby number, free online virtual baby number, are eligible to become the gold sellers.

Taobao also specifically pointed out that in 2012 the gold seller is a standard tenure, 2014 gold seller is dynamic, Taobao will be a comprehensive assessment of the price of gold sellers service level. In addition, Taobao will continue to expand the gold seller interests.

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