On the environment and Prospect of e-commerce development in China

first, the definition of e-commerce

in accordance with the definition of IBM, e-commerce =Web+ business. It stressed the commercial application in the network environment, the buyer and the seller, vendors and partners in the Internet (Internat), the enterprise internal network (Intranet), and the enterprise external network (Extranet) combined application. October 1997 1 ~ 3, the European Economic Commission held in Brussels, Belgium, the global information standards conference. Clearly put forward a more precise definition of e-commerce: "the electronic commerce between the parties involved, electronically rather than by physical exchange or direct physical contact to complete business transactions in any form". Electronic Commerce here include electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic payment, electronic ordering system, e-mail, fax, Internet, electronic bulletin board system, bar code, image processing, smart card etc.. A complete business process is complex, including before the transaction, to understand information inquiry, quotation, sending orders, orders, sending and receiving delivery response notification, pick up vouchers, payment exchange process, involving capital flow, logistics and information flow.

two, the development of e-commerce in China

e-commerce as a kind of advanced business activities based on the information technology platform, no doubt has good prospects for development. Therefore, in the case of the financial power to allow and develop strategic needs, involved in e-commerce, open up new areas, can be regarded as a choice. There are a number of enterprises, due to enter the right time, the right choice of strategy, the right way of doing business, e-commerce has achieved good results. However, in order to develop e-commerce, there are still many technical problems, such as less computer users. According to Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of July 2000, the number of China’s Internet computer 6 million 500 thousand units, the average enterprises and government departments is less than 1, and the network operation speed is slow, and expensive network charges, according to CNNIC statistics, the number of the Chinese used to use e-commerce access to business opportunities, the most commonly used network service followed by electronic mail (87. 65%) search engine (55). 91%) software upload or download (50). 69%), all kinds of information query (49). 28%) online chat room (38). 81%) (news group) (25). 37%), BBS electronic bulletin (21). 17% (20), icq. 72%) free personal home page (19). 68%) online game entertainment (17). 70%), online stocks (14). 64%), etc.. The use of online shopping or business activities in the Internet based activities accounted for only second of the last, these factors are restricting the development of e-commerce.

three, China’s e-commerce environment analysis

(1) policy and legal environment. Generally speaking, our country’s information policy is not perfect

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