Analysis of the project of the higher credibility

often have friends in the group to ask you, "I often receive this person’s ad in the mailbox, do you think this person is credible, his project is true?"

ask such questions is not only the novice, do a lot of network for a long time people are often on the mailbox receive advertisement inviting.

just started the group is often someone would like to remind you that the person to make money so easy to say, but they do not do, but every day to teach others, certainly not fly.

but later, someone asked this project is really false, that project is not reliable, I think we are too lazy to remind.

in reality, I feel that most people are very smart, not easily believe that heaven diaoxianbing thing, why there are so many people on the Internet to stumble on very obvious scam.

on the Internet to see a person can not be trusted, or look at a project on the fly, really so difficult?

if he really has such a good project, you can guarantee that a person will be able to earn $10000 a month, then why did he accept the students? Why not hire employees to do it?

every day to your mailbox advertising, crying to teach you to make money. Such people can not be trusted so difficult to guess it?

no wonder, too many online projects, all so tempting, it is difficult to choose. More and more, I think it’s really important for us to learn how to think rationally.

we know a lot of things, but if we can calm down to think calmly, in fact, the real choice is very limited.

is confused, because these suitable and not suitable for the project together, has been hovering in our minds, we engage in extreme anxiety, the fear of losing that, do that they are reluctant to do this, come and go, what projects are you.

What are the benefits of

‘s rational thinking? I think it’s just for us to set goals, to find the best ones, to give up the wrong ones, to find out which ones are worth concentrating on.

people who can’t think rationally, always feel disturbed when they do something. Because the Internet is full of temptation, in front of you today to ask you to put a beautiful tomorrow, before you put a pile of money. Do you want to ask. Of course, these are traps, you step forward will fall.


lost, is a list of all his, to think of the project are all written out, analysis of advantages and disadvantages, the subtraction, those who simply do not cross, clear a signal to the brain, delete it, don’t let him in the head and then flying. Only one of the most suitable to do their own list of the project to do to solve the problem, and then find a way to solve the problem step by step.

for me, I came into contact with the project more than the average person, I saw a lot of money than people

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