How to share the electricity supplier to achieve a breakthrough

more and more enterprises to enter the electricity supplier, which also produced a lot of related issues, such as:

1, a few months to do e-commerce, why not order?

2, how to improve online trading orders

3, advertising costs are getting higher and higher, how to improve the conversion rate?

et al…

below is my last year to do eloquence education online shopping mall experience sharing.

(1, the site on-line for a registered member of the last 1476 months, the cost of spending $8200, net profit of 52705 yuan (in addition to the cost, cost, personnel, etc.).

a new product, or something that people don’t know much about, is difficult to sell online. Flow, trust degree, exposure rate, conversion rate and other aspects are not, at this stage we should first consider how to do? I will do a 28 law, 80% to 20% with the aid of external force, to concentrate on their own network products. So I in the network marketing channel mainly choose the following several low cost effect better way:

1, enterprise QQ group

2, e-mail group

3, coupon use

4, Taobao union advertising

then why not search engine bidding, network alliance and vertical


because it is a mall, more product categories, bidding to play in the high cost of advertising inputs, input-output ratio can not be guaranteed. If the ad directly into the product details page, the site has not been tested, so the conversion rate is not guaranteed.

specific operation:


website is designed by hand. Background I chose the Ecshop system, because it is more open source php. Prior to the preparatory work is not much to say, to the distribution of art design, program development, editing and maintenance. But first of all, to the center of attention in the treatment of fine feelings, as far as possible through the interface aesthetics, promotional information, other small elements and other aspects to increase the trust of the site.

example: cash on delivery, full XX packet, trusted site verification, etc..

starts from the same day on the website:

first week:

1-7 number, the first to attract traffic, allowing traffic to come in and do a lot of testing. With Taobao shop, the use of Taobao union advertising.

1, 2, 4 by mass mailing platform promotion information outsourcing (promotional content for: to celebrate the new website full back XX Yuan XX Yuan, registered members and giving eloquence e-books, the purpose is to increase the number of registered users, and more convenient to buy two times for the direct promotion of membership).

summarizes the following problems and solutions:


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