Multi point Lin Jie build online and offline integration of all channel retail

May 29th -5 30, 2016 Chinese (Beijing) e-commerce conference held in Beijing National Convention Center, many business elite gathered together to discuss the development of Internet plus life service industry. Multi point (Dmall) founding partner Lin Jie talked about more innovative services in the forum brings to the society, users, partners and the change of value, put forward: O2O is not equal to the supermarket purchasing, from the open end information commodity chain, and the traditional super together to do the integration of online and offline full channel retail is the development of the road and this view has been the industry’s attention.


Lin Jie said, what are we in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore after the reflection of O2O brings to society more value? Do not O2O Supermarket Purchasing, more to do with the traditional super do the integration of online and offline things, in meeting the demand of consumers goods and services at the same time, can give the industry a to enhance the efficiency, bring value to the community.

summary of the past, more points in the promotion of online and offline integration on the road to do three things: process optimization, commodity change, as well as user refinement operations.

first, in process optimization, multi point innovation launched picking APP achieve rapid picking checkout function, free line checkout, in addition, multi point set pre supermarket warehouse, online and offline integration process, improve the picking efficiency and the distribution of goods; second, change, more to promote the supermarket the category of standardization, introducing high-end fresh fast consumer goods and supermarket joint goods, the Internet to meet consumer demand for high-end crowd, at the same time, more do inventory monitoring, will be out of stock rate below 1%, to help solve the problem of shortage of supermarket, but also enhance the user’s shopping experience; third, user refinement of operations. According to the analysis of the data showed that 80 and 90 are the main force of the high consumption group, multi point through intensive operations, the limited resources into the core of the user, to meet new consumer demand.

, we believe that more than + + providers, online + line, through a variety of process optimization, technical transformation and refinement of the operation is to achieve what we call the integration of online and offline channels of the entire retail viable path." Lin Jie said. Since the establishment of more than a year, App registered users has more than 5 million 500 thousand, more than the future hope and the traditional business together to build a new retail, for consumers, for the community to bring more value.

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