Online real name trigger hot weapon VS prelude to tax regulation

June 1st formally promulgated the Interim Measures for the management of network commodity trading and related services attracted wide attention. According to this approach, from July 1st onwards, in the online business, sales of goods must be submitted to the real name and address. Compared with the social hot, regulators and senior network sellers have suggested that the new approach will not affect the normal operation of the network store has been much affected.

for Internet users concerned about the "real name system" in the scope of implementation, the new approach clearly is a legal person, has been registered in the business sector for business licenses and other economic organizations or individual industrial and commercial households, engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, should be on the home page of its website or web page prominently engaged in business activities open license, publish information or the business license of the electronic link identifier. Two is engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network of natural persons, should provide information services to the network trading platform operators to submit their names and addresses and other real identity information. However, the approach does not require individuals to apply for landing business license. Reporters also learned from the business sector, Shanghai currently on the network real name system, the basic mode of management and the new content of the same. So, in the license issue, will not go too large to individual network with the seller.

, however, the new approach in the industry and commerce can be brought to close the contents of the illegal shop will provide a tool for the business sector to investigate violations of online shopping. Under the new approach, the business sector will be the first attempt to network management network platform to monitor network operators. If there is a violation of the relevant provisions of the business sector has the right to make administrative penalties for violations of the site, the site has been sent to the jurisdiction of the communications authorities to close the site according to law.

new approach is also clear, Taobao, Sina and other network service providers are obliged to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to investigate and deal with illegal network. Network service providers expressed support for this, but also said that from the existing content, the new regulations on the impact of individual sellers will not be too large. Taobao, a person in charge said that from the beginning of 2003, Taobao sellers must be real name registration, buyers do not need to force the real name, but the real name authentication can enjoy all the services and interests.

in fact, China online shopping market share accounted for more than 80%, after the opening of the Tencent and pat Baidu has ah two C2C network trading platform, and Taobao in many ways adopted similar rules. Therefore, the real name system has become mainstream. In addition, several mainstream online payment tools, including Alipay, Baidu, BaiduPay, Alibaba, Tencent caifutong, not only for the company’s online shopping service platform, the field of online trading their tentacles deep. These online payment tools provide a variety of convenient recharge, such as consumer card or Mobile Recharge Card (according to a certain proportion of the value chains, service fee) to the convenience store with "La La" machine, but is undoubtedly the most convenient bank account binding with the user, is the real name of the bank account. In this way, but also to promote more businesses and consumer

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