Buy network competition layoffs reduce the proportion of pumping into the market

this year, buy the site is the pace of layoffs competition. On the eve of national day, group purchase websites staged more layoffs storm: following Gaopeng, happy network group purchase was traced to massive layoffs, which invested 500 million do Groupon traced advertising jobs more than 50%, group purchase site navigation "market" massive layoffs, before already cut off round Wo Wo Group, the former middle-level staff ye Yun said. Wo Wo Group has also begun large-scale "optimization" action, will lay off 70% employees at present……

was down

self-help delicacy carrier group purchase

group purchase industry had a sudden change in the situation, and businesses have close cooperation with profound experience. The relevant person in charge of Li Guoyan Strait coffee said late last year the most popular group purchase group purchase website, almost every business personnel to come to work, but the first half of this year to start gradually less down, until now, has been less than a month only two or three.

grandma although not and group purchase website cooperation from first to last, director of the office of Qiu Xiaohua said, grandma has no reason to cooperate with group purchase website, mainly that website before being pushed by the group purchase discount, low price to attract customers, it is easy to spoil the hotel brand. Because the price is low, the damage is the interests of businesses, businesses do not profit, the quality of the goods will be affected, the interests of the customer is therefore impaired, resulting in a vicious circle.

in addition to price, sometimes a group of group purchase out hundreds of thousands of single, if the guests are focused on the consumer on the same day, dishes, service, management businesses will follow, for the guests the impression will be very poor, but The loss outweighs the gain.

buy site seeking transformation

rely on price war, simply dig expansion, open group mode fits, let the group purchase website has suffered. The most intense competition, some buy site to the proportion dropped to only 2%-3%.

Now with the

industry reshuffle comes, some group purchase website began to seek transformation, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said, is the most popular group purchase at this stage of the model, the target is the final group purchase network localization service providers, to provide all the local services online purchase and offer to the user machine.

The famous American industry originator

group purchase group purchase website Groupon also has changed. Groupon day before the launch of the Groupon Goods service, issued the first email to us mail subscribers, introduced including hair dryer, TV, 5 on sale, priced at $40 to $440.

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