Behind the shop No. 1 hurricane sprint billions of WAL-MART or continue to increase


Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on December 7th

four years ago, when the establishment of shop No. 1, almost everyone is not optimistic about the online selling daily online WAL-MART business. Obviously, they have to do is a tough business: FMCG products per customer price low, gross profit contribution of thin, and a lot of goods, easy wearing, short shelf life, high requirements for warehousing and logistics.

however, four years later, its performance is to first look at the decline in expectations: consecutive years of rapid growth, the user has accumulated a good reputation, in 2011 sales of more than 2 billion 700 million, among the top ten commercial Chinese. It is predicted that in 2012 the number 1 store sales will exceed 5 billion.

is more important, the 1 shop is now closely linked with the global retail giant WAL-MART. From last year, WAL-MART invested 1 store, shop No. 1 hit on the WAL-MART brand, WAL-MART will increase and then expanded to 51% shares, until the end of October this year, WAL-MART officially announced the completion of the No. 1 store holding. This also means that, by virtue of WAL-MART’s strong product resources and supply chain system, shop No. 1 will have a greater imagination.

WAL-MART and store 1 integration has begun. Currently, the former deputy chief financial officer Guo Dongdong 1, the former vice president of human resources, Liang Yong, respectively, from the previous WAL-MART e-commerce team members, such as Song Youwen and took over from the. In addition, WAL-MART electricity supplier team has more than 1 people into the store No. 60. At the business level, WAL-MART home category in two of its own brand court and the love of the special election has also been settled in shop No. 1.

WAL-MART electricity supplier team into the store 1, the entire staff structure is not much impact. In addition, WAL-MART has brought me a lot of supplier resources, procurement resources, WAL-MART own brand. WAL-MART intercity transport volume, frequent delivery, we can use it to reduce costs and improve efficiency." December 3rd, Yu Gang, chairman of the 1 shop in its Shanghai office to accept an exclusive interview with Tencent technology, said.

, however, the future of the 1 store is still faced with many challenges: how to expand the line of the city of two or three, how to improve customer unit price and gross profit, how to reduce the cost of supply chain, a series of problems need to be answered.

1 shop business to the back, is a line of business." Electricity supplier brand NOP founder Liu Shuang (micro-blog) said. Because the commodity property of FMCG, shop No. 1 customer price is not high, the gross profit value is not high, the loss problem must exist goods, such as the package weight, shelf life, temperature limit restrictions, this is a demanding and troublesome category, it is not a very profitable category. In addition, shop No. 1 there are regional, other goods such as books can be remote delivery, but FMCG remote delivery may be broken, so to what place will be built in the local warehouse, in the local procurement, can not fully play out "a warehouse nationwide" advantage.


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