Taobao shop promotion means to teach you how to enhance the flow of new stores

There are many ways to promote the

website, traditional, novel; free, money; formal, illegal. Every means has its own characteristics. I used the website to promote the means is not much, so simply to talk about my promotion.

first of all, we must understand that we have the means of promotion, from which the best choice for their own. In my opinion we used promotion means: 1.SEO; 2.QQ group promotion; 3 Forum promotion; 4 the promotion; 5 mail promotion; 6 pop; 7 advertising; 8 League promotion; 9 rogue plug-ins. Obviously, the site promotion means far more than that a few, but I through personal practice and a large number of data analysis, that these methods are more practical.

but I think for our electronic commerce, this kind of website profit way mainly rely on online product sales, the general target customers more clear. Then we can take: SEO, alliance promotion, QQ group (related industry or interest), E-mail Promotion (for target users, just as we often receive the major shopping network advertising e-mail). In addition, in a number of large vertical portal with the industry to invest in advertising, buy soft or buy large web site links. And I will say to my own situation, the main means of promotion. I hope you can come to my shop to see, learn from each other.

(1) QQ group promotion. I think in the QQ group promotion should pay attention to the following points: 1 must join the group into the group chat (is called to mix a familiar face), chat, from time to time to mention you want a bit of promotion of things, let them naturally familiar with your goods, and don’t give in all one promotion, you are a service to the people too much, should be targeted, its advantages are: the target population is very clear. 2 add QQ group, send advertising immediately flash, the advantage of this is: do not have brains IP promotion, increase quick, exercise your cheek, but your chances of being kicked up to 99%, influence character and reputation. In fact, you can first and group or administrators group in the familiar, they agreed to let you publish the advertisement in the group, and ask them to help you, together. This effect is obvious. 3 you can put your name into your Taobao store name, such as "Taobao fashion shop", which can increase the amount of search, store exposure and your name is to let people recognize you very hard, need long-term presence in a group.

(2) forum promotion. This requires writing skills, you go to the forum post, you post must be attractive, even if it is the title of the party also. You have to the forum can be changed to your own personal signature Taobao address, then add some modifiers, plus your post, attract others to your space, your signature has played a certain role. There is also a way that you go to the forum, it is necessary to look at the click of a good number of posts, and then reply to your views (of course, as far as possible, you have to be insightful views, but some see your insight is very important

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