Lanting Pavilion set potential pricing roadshow foreign trade B2C better imagine

[review] Lanting Pavilion set potential rely more on marketing to bring traffic, the user stickiness is not high, resulting in high cost of marketing.

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on May 24th

May 23rd, foreign trade B2C Lanting Pavilion set potential to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted an updated prospectus, the issue price range of $8.5 to $10.5.

Lanting Pavilion set the potential of this plan to issue 8 million 300 thousand shares of ADS (depositary shares), the amount of financing between $70 million 550 thousand and $87 million 150 thousand, listed on the New York stock exchange. According to the central parity price of $9.5, the company valued $465 million. Can be compared to the reference, the current market capitalization of about $1 billion 800 million, Dangdang market capitalization of $490 million.

if the Lanting Pavilion set potential successfully listed, will be the first successful IPO China Internet Corporation. But from the size of its fund-raising and pricing, analysts judgment, the capital market is still not optimistic, especially stocks recently once again jittery, Lanting Pavilion set potential roadshow cast a shadow.

over the past year, the capital market has been in a downturn, in 2012, only two companies and YY landed in the U.S. capital markets. Given the downturn in the market is difficult to obtain a higher valuation, Lanting Pavilion set overwhelmed overwhelmed forced listing has also been considered by the outside world is eager to withdraw from the investment will reflect.

it is worth noting that the founder of the Lanting Pavilion group of the company accounted for only less than 40% of the shares of the company, the rest of the shares are controlled by venture capital. Statistics show that in 2008 Lanting Pavilion potential source of LIAN won the first round of investment of $5 million; 2009 LIAN ceyuan and Jinsha River venture investment in the second round of $11 million 270 thousand in 2010; LIAN sources, Jinsha River venture capital and capital letter Zhi $35 million third round of investment.

is not optimistic about the story

B2C tells the story of foreign trade: Chinese goods sold directly to foreign consumers.

according to the traditional way of selling, manufacturers will eventually sell products to overseas users through overseas channels, through the links of the complex, including domestic suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, importers of foreign consumers.

foreign trade B2C in the middle as the role of the bridge, the chain is: supplier – foreign trade B2C platform – Overseas consumers. The supplier through cross-border B2C platform will direct delivery of products to the international consumers, the middle of the wholesalers, distributors, and overseas retailers, control from China manufacturing factories to American consumers in the whole industry chain.

foreign trade B2C this model, reduce costs, improve the supplier’s profit margins, their profit margins are higher than the domestic B2C, for the "made in China" opened up new channels. >

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