Fifast officially launched to create electricity supplier shopping center nternet plus open platfor

[Abstract] by the Tencent Inc, Baidu Inc, Wanda Group together to build the fly where the electricity supplier announced formally launched.


Tencent Francisco July 31st by Tencent Inc, Baidu Inc, Wanda Group who fly together to create electricity supplier announced officially launched, launched fifast open platform, entity oriented shopping center, the use of the Internet thinking, Internet technology and resources for partners to tailor the "Internet plus" solutions to create fifast electricity supplier ecosystem. At the same time, in order to allow the user to actually experience the convenience of the electricity supplier who brought the fly, flying where APP to do not cat home, come out hi as the theme, to join the Beijing Wanda Plaza, jointly launched a large-scale promotional activities in Tongzhou.

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, who fly open platform by the membership management platform, integration platform, intelligent alliance payment platform and marketing operation platform four management platform, with a large membership, integration, union card, big data and cloud platform to provide full support, business management services covering member, integral, marketing, pay for shopping center and business, in a rapidly changing Internet environment, more efficient and accurate grasp of every sales opportunity. At the same time, provide for shops, parking, queuing and wisdom film perfect experience the scene, solved by the set of intelligent hardware and software solutions, the construction of a new generation of digital shopping center, in the customer’s entire shopping journey to deliver the best experience consistent from beginning to end.

specifically, fifast membership management platform based on the data for the construction of the shopping center to provide membership system, enhance member services operations, mining member member value in each stage of the operation, in fifast provide membership operation platform configuration, operation mechanism and design all kinds of member activities, enhance member activity, bring the growth in sales, and through membership recognition, sharing fifast rich membership system and membership operation experience; fifast integration alliance platform will create a cross enterprise, cross industry, open integration through plot Tongdui platform, based on open membership, breaking the barriers between enterprises and industries, to achieve the integration of the the verification and free distribution, and through the comprehensive cyclic integral in the union, greatly enriched the shopping center member integral access and usage scenarios, improve the shopping center Integral value, prompting members to be more active; where to fly all kinds of intelligent payment platform docking shopping center of a variety of consumer scenarios for different consumer scenarios customized payment, verification, settlement solutions. Entrance payment services as intelligence, who fly "intelligent cashier" will be the integration of the third party payment, bank cards, prepaid cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, bus card and other payment channels, and flexible support including in addition to the traditional POS payment, fifast card membership card payment, payment scan code (positive scan and Saul), anti NFC near field payment and other payment methods, for the shopping center to provide safe, convenient and efficient mobile payment services, the realization of multiple payment experience; fifast marketing operation platform to fifast large membership system as the foundation, through the user layer accurately, quickly complete the marketing activities of the setting, the implementation of precision marketing and, according to the "

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