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according to China’s Ministry of Finance issued "on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy notice", since April 8th this year, China will be the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, and adjust post tax policy. After the implementation of the new deal will bring the impact of the Chinese industry, industry and how to deal with the Chinese


Chinese play fast

in recent years, cross-border electricity supplier has become a shining star in China’s foreign trade market. According to the Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the import and export of double background, cross-border electricity supplier growth is more than 30%. And, with the popularization and development of China’s economy and the Internet now, cross-border business has not only stay in the "Chinese manufacturing sold overseas, Chinese people have a high demand for foreign goods have made" sold to overseas manufacturing Chinese "has become a new business is booming in the road".

overseas Chinese businessmen have already found this one of the business opportunities, China is a large market with a large population, the demand for foreign goods is also growing, cross-border electricity supplier exports to China’s profits and prospects. In Malaysia, there are many Chinese in the bird’s nest or other agricultural products export China cross-border business electricity supplier." Nanyang Technology University Institute of International Affairs Singapore senior researcher Hu Yishan said in an interview, the overseas Chinese living in the country in years, precipitation of a deep understanding of domestic and overseas resources, but also the demand of the market, has a natural advantage in the cross-border electricity supplier industry.

Ye Jianyi is a career in Europe for many years the Chinese have accumulated a lot of resources, channel resources of local products in europe. He returned to the first step involved in cross-border electricity supplier, it is taking the luxury sale". Ye Jianyi said, he is the first to get the luxury from the source of European manufacturers, through cross-border electricity save intermediate links directly after the sale in the China market, with a Calvin Klein (American fashion brand T-shirt) as an example, the price can be as low as 80 yuan a, like Gucci, Prada, Armani and other luxury goods sale price is to bottom line price, therefore, his bargains have been greatly welcome.

of course, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier industry in recent years with tax policy can not be separated. The General Administration of Customs on 2014 issued a document from the policy approved by the passage of "bonded mode", this policy is indeed the rapid growth of cross-border electricity supplier provides the basis, but also brought a series of problems, including the unfair tax burden, tax loss is the primary problem for regulators headache. A price of 500 yuan in the goods, if take the traditional trade form, the need to pay import tariffs and value-added tax, and cross-border electricity supplier only need to pay tax parcel, but less than 50 yuan can be exempted from tax and. In addition, in order to avoid taxes on imported goods and quality inspection, some enterprises will be through the "unpacking" way, the goods become payable to break up the whole into parts, 50 yuan of the following items. A large number of fragmented parcels also bring regulatory problems to the customs.

Zhuang Peiyuan, President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Losangeles, said: "this not only led to the

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