Net sales volume of 2 anniversary of a new record

on the joint business platform for the sale of electricity providers to reduce the volume of the skin network is still ongoing discussions, but also with a successful network of large-scale promotional activities to prove the leading position in the electricity supplier shopping guide industry. August 20th, volume leather mesh 2 anniversary celebration of the perfect ending, the 3 days trading volume record.

volume leather mesh in the 2 anniversary celebration of August 18th began, in the period from August 18th to August 20th the anniversary celebration, consumers will be able to participate in a series of landing online activities, shake envelopes, choudaijiang, integral, 0 panic buying cheap goods, the volume leather mesh to feel the sea amount of low-cost high-quality products brought a sense of shock.

as a leading boutique discount sale site, volume leather mesh along the way, become committed to improving people’s life quality excellence business electricity supplier shopping guide. So that every user can be at the lowest discount to buy quality affordable goods, make life better. Rolling network officially began in August 18th 2 anniversary celebration is called a feast, many consumers have experienced during the warm-up period shake envelopes, choudaijiang, collar and integral to the commodity picked and chose, will buy the target early locked, waiting for the rolling net 2 anniversary of the 0 big promotion There was no parallel in history. sale will be officially open the moment. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain the appearance of the short circuit fault and the delay of the web.

in this volume leather mesh 2 anniversary celebration, sports merchandise the fastest time to steal, condoms, massage stick is winding up in the opening rush after 10 seconds, the commodity is open delicacy sold out shortly after the event, in addition to beauty products is also the 2 anniversary in the popular goods orders. In addition, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and other goods have also become the main product of the sales volume of this network driven by high sales volume. It is reported that the volume of the 2 year anniversary of the volume of the net volume of the skin during the last 3 months of trading volume and turnover in the past month, a record high.

this year’s 2 anniversary celebration, the volume of leather net has made considerable sales performance, but also to consolidate the industry leader in the electricity supplier shopping guide, has been widely recognized and loved by consumers.

The future of

, volume leather mesh system started to build more professional service platform, focused on the low-end market, through its own advantages and technology, to meet consumer demand for personalized emerge in an endless stream at the same time, reduce consumer spending for consumer festival consumption saving cost, provide quality Wumart products and complete service for the. Roll skin network to promote the discount, boutique, is a new concept of life style, on the basis of low commodity prices, the pursuit of goods brought about by the quality of life, to meet everyone’s dream of green life.

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