Britain three take 500 million sell fresh vegetables radish emboldened

fresh my kitchen APP on-line conference, the COO country said that a group of people jumped up and said: "I cook the comprehensive operating cost is 16% lower than the traditional fresh electricity supplier, operating efficiency and at least 10 times higher than the traditional fresh food, I cook to change people shopping that way by the way, to achieve the industry’s first two years."

it is understood that the past two years, there is no shortage of fresh electricity supplier has a wealth of resources of new players, but the whole industry and the speed of development has not been pushed into the acceleration of capital into the model. I cook chairman Liu Zhi told us that the amount of investment and not confident from 500 million, but mainly because I play kitchen subversive in the end consumer.

is the first category of subversion. I do the whole category of fresh food, the market moved to the internet. In addition to the traditional fresh electricity supplier of imported fruits, seafood steak, organic vegetables and other high-end fresh, my kitchen is also selling ordinary people commonly used vegetables, carrots, tofu, eggs and other ordinary ingredients. It is out of the ordinary, I cook for a family of three only need half an hour you can easily fix four dishes and one soup, also provide semi-finished 100 different disposable Jingcai style, while the cost is only thirty or forty yuan.

followed by the subversion of the crowd. Because the category is complete, the lowest price guarantee the whole network, I can cover 25 to 85 year old kitchen crowd, a change in the traditional fresh electricity supplier of high cold fan children, than uncle aunt’s market is also selling complete and cheap.

finally subvert the user purchase. And other fresh electricity supplier flagship PC channel is different, I put a lot of resources on the line in the APP operation. And, I cook at the first opening of the city of Shanghai in support of consumers, cooperation of third party line stores throughout the city of Shanghai, Shanghai is the first in my kitchen can do so fresh.

why can play this way, after all, the lowest price of the whole network and the whole category is not able to do so. My kitchen COO Jiangshan said that the general fresh electricity supplier did not dare to sell cabbage and radish, a loss on the sale. The reason why I dare to sell and can keep the whole network is the lowest, mainly from marketing, logistics, O2O cooperation, loss and packaging and other five links to reduce costs.

figure: my kitchen and traditional fresh electricity supplier operations contrast (my kitchen provides)


: comparison of operation data and the kitchen I greengrocer (I provide


in my kitchen chairman Liu Zhi abacus, turnip cabbage and other ingredients is the basic needs of the people, to improve the conversion rate and the frequency of purchase, and then through high value products and value-added services to profit. The initial stage, I cook with other fresh electricity to pincidao, mainly to do the basic needs of the people in the basket. The development of 10 users a day, to do every day, a single, even in accordance with the conversion rate of 1%, Shanghai has millions of families, I can reach the penetration rate of 1% is enough."


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