Alibaba registered trademark, sea Amoy cross-border Adventure

Abstract: the electricity business sector will face a bigger and more threatening trademark event than the "double 11" trademark event in 2014. Now all the cross-border electricity supplier, whether the existing Jingdong,,, Amazon, or a new format, no license may never again use "sea washes" two words.


Ali sea Amoy registered trademark

titanium media note: remember that a "double eleven" trademark dispute, we make almost a half day "double eleven", originally already is now Ali

Ali in trademark battle is superior to others. Recently, there are titanium media author of the trademark experts found that sea Amoy this trademark has also been Ali won, and the trial by entering the publicity period. However, the publication period of the trademark quickly scared the Jingdong, Jingdong up to the objection.. but the objection will be effective? If Ali eventually won the sea Amoy brand, also means that the Jingdong,, or will be forced to stop the sea Amoy business, all cross-border electricity providers have to be careful ~ ~ ~

specifically on the "sea Amoy" trademark how to go about it, look at the titanium media author Meng Tan strong excavator capabilities:

is currently overseas purchasing increasingly hot, the cross-border electricity supplier has become a separate segment of the industry, not only the existing electricity supplier giant hit heavily layout, more numerous emerging focus on cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurial companies frequently get big risk investment support pen. "Sea washes" have become one of the most popular business model in recent years.

trademark notice in May 20, 2015, there seems to be a Alibaba thirty-fifth, 16, and 9 categories of "sea Amoy" trademark of the preliminary announcement of the three.

thirty-fifth "sea washes" designated trademarks in advertisements, a computer network of online advertising and business information, to provide consumers with business information and advice, business management assistant, for others selling, marketing, occupation, information introduced into computer, database, accounting, and other services for support.

sixteenth class of sea Amoy designated trademarks used in tape, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, stationery, painting materials, teaching materials, photographs, posters, prints.

ninth class of sea Amoy designated trademarks used in computer software (recorded), computer program (downloadable software), computer storage devices, smart card (IC card), electronic publications, data processing equipment, electronic bulletin boards, network communication equipment, automatic advertising machine, cash register. In accordance with the provisions of the trademark law, if no objection before August 20, 2015, the trademark will be approved for registration.

Alibaba is how you can register under the sea Amoy two words trademark


senior trademark experts, the former Trademark Review and Adjudication Board senior examiner, the master of the right partner Xu Qing said

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