Jingdong selling goods on the scale of the industry and Commerce Bureau said alleged illegal

Jingdong Mall (micro-blog) a woman’s underwear with a model of human nature. The day before, the netizen posting said, "at first glance, thought he is the pornographic website, found that online sales of the products turned out to be shown." Things really friends said


real model demonstration photos large scale

Chongqing evening news reporter login jd.com found this sexy underwear for users eleven broke open crotch thong, the display shelves in August 28th. This is a red women’s underwear, underwear before and after almost no shelter. Although the site uses a flower pattern to process the image, covering the privacy of the model, but the privacy of the model is still exposed. And the back of the underwear show will also be exposed to the entire hip, almost no shelter.

is really too far away, so that the map can also be placed on the Internet, or such a large online mall." Netizen eleven said, take the real shooting, photos and so exposed, people look inside the heart is very uncomfortable."

Chongqing evening news reporters call the Jingdong 400 service calls, inform each other, the sale of goods in store already published product pictures are examined, there is no problem, but for large scale photographs reflect consumers, they will be as soon as possible to verify and handle.

Adult supplies purchase threshold useless

Chongqing evening news login Taobao (micro-blog), enter the Sexy Lingerie Search, found that such a large picture of the site is not rare in the area of adult supplies. Like sexy lingerie Adult supplies almost all, reality show photos. There are also large-scale photos of the product using a real model. In addition, a price of 19 yuan for the transparent Nightgown sexy ensembles has traded 4550 pen. Chongqing evening news reporter found through transaction records, the average daily turnover of nearly 100 sets.

"are 100% real shooting." There shop clerk told the Chongqing evening news reporter, although the money to ask someone to take pictures will increase the cost, but because there is a real effect of the upper body figure, customers can better buy, increase popularity. However, the clerk also said that some of the credit rating is not high, the store will use dew point to save popularity, but if Taobao customer service found that it may be punished or even closed shop.

Chongqing evening news reporter also found that although most online sales of Adult supplies in the Description column had a similar "minors cannot buy", but in fact, the purchase of these Adult supplies and no threshold.

large scale advertising may be suspected of illegal

"if it is a real shooting of the ‘large scale’ advertising, and for commercial promotion, may be suspected of violating the law of advertising." Chongqing evening news reporter telephone interview, Industrial and Commercial Bureau advertising department, the staff said that if confirmed illegal, to the advertising fee of 1 – 5 times the penalties on the mall in view of Jingdong headquartered in Beijing, they can apply to the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Beijing local.

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