Taobao shop courier should pay attention to what issues

set up shop in Taobao, in addition to the purchase of products, credit construction of these common problems, there is a place should be very concerned about, that is the courier problem. Some novice shopkeepers because they are not familiar with the delivery process, resulting in the delivery of a variety of problems, resulting in unnecessary poor. This is very focused on the credit rating of Taobao shops, these questions are undoubtedly fatal. In order to make you less detours Taobao shop owner, I combined with many years of shop experience, said the need to pay attention to the issue of hair express.

1, to check the buyer’s information

buyer’s address, phone number, is an important factor in the courier can accurately reach the hands of buyers. So for this information, be sure to check multiple times. Here I would suggest, to abandon manual copying, the use of machine printing way. In addition, due to the receipt of the default address may have changed, so after the Buyer under good order, must want to send check by the buyer.

2, to check the address is

buyers in the delivery range

due to the courier charge is a Taobao shopping buyers very attention, so buyers tend to choose some small courier company, this can save a lot of postage. But these small courier company, much less than the site, to cover most areas of the country, so after the Buyer under good order, must immediately check, buyers address is within the scope of delivery of the delivery. Otherwise, if the goods sent out, but was told not to send, when not only their own money to send, it may be because buyers don’t understand and get bad, it is The loss outweighs the gain..

3, be sure to remind buyers to sign the first inspection and then

often go to the Taobao store customers know that the store will be written in the bulletin of the first inspection and then sign". Because of uneven express site staff quality, may appear stealthily, theft and other issues, only buyers face to face sign, if it is found that the problem can be further investigated. Otherwise, not only the loss of customers, but also their own shops.

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