57 billion 100 million and how 40% vote on the results of the 11 double feel

57 billion 100 million, after all, there is no relationship between the voters half a dime, so I feel no sense of reason should be.

billion state power network official WeChat double 11 in the end of the night a survey results show that 40% of users believe that although the double 11 created a transaction record of 57 billion 100 million yuan, but there is no sense of unknown Li jue. This is not exciting and 11 before the market sentiment.



after double 11 transactions announced the results of the 57 billion 100 million and 0571 Hangzhou code coincidence crash, but in the survey of more than 40 thousand people participated in the voting, in addition to four adults said no sense, there are 36% of the voters believe that 57 billion 100 million of the turnover as expected.

it is worth noting that, under such a tough blow to Tmall, there are still 10% of voters choose to continue to brush. This may be the Tmall ultra high turnover a joking expression.

it is reported that after the listing of Ali’s first double eleven, the final turnover in 57 billion 100 million, which accounted for the wireless side of the ratio of 42.6%. Billion state power network to understand, Tmall double eleven, sales break billion in just 38 minutes, 1 noon, the turnover has exceeded last year’s total sales of all day long.

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