Amazon to enter the clothing aimed at women’s underwear can fly it

Amazon launched cheap underwear, you optimistic about it?


According to the journal, Amazon Co is likely to sell its own, affordable lingerie in its U.S. website in the coming weeks, according to the Wall Street journal. Amazon to enter the women’s underwear market, which Calvin Klein, as well as Victoria Secret and other sectors of the backbone of the challenge.

in February last year, Amazon quietly cross the border, began to dress, and launched 7 own fashion clothing brand. The Amazon’s own clothing brand a total of 1800 categories of products to market, from shoes and children’s clothing, scarves; price levels (men’s suits sales of less than $300); the style of dress looks a little like UNIQLO and H& M.


Geoff, vice president of

Amazon fashion department, said at a meeting that there are gaps in the field of clothing apparel amazon. When consumers want to buy new clothes, shoes, watches and jewelry, will think of Amazon?.

in fact, consumers in the purchase of clothing, will definitely think of Amazon, according to Bloomberg reports, there are more than 55% people would like to buy clothes when Amazon (rather than Google) search. But just as a purchase of electricity supplier channels, rather than a clothing brand.

now Amazon wants to do is to let everyone know it again, not just electricity providers, but also clothing brand. Fashion is a relatively high profit business, is expected to enhance the performance of the amazon.


Amazon category merchandise margin

Amazon by selling other brands of clothing, including the popular CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi s, have a lot of consumer data, see some opportunities for the entire garment industry, the electricity supplier does more good grasp of consumer demand, leading consumer demand, and create new consumption hot spots.

Amazon to enter the fashion has not stopped the pace of the abacus to promising female underwear market. According to foreign market research firm PMR released report from 2015 to 2021, the U.S. women’s underwear market revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of, the market size will be $16 billion 619 million 200 thousand by 2021.

at present, the United States underwear industry is undergoing rapid change, with 90 as the representative of the millennials love more healthy and comfortable underwear’s become less popular. In the reshuffle of the industry, the ability to quickly launch more in line with consumer tastes, is the best time to seize the market.

Amazon already in

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