Electricity supplier giant layout of the import of online shopping sea Amoy market pattern or shuffl

NetEase finance October 30th hearing

once a year "double eleven online shopping Carnival has become a major electricity supplier confrontation" battlefield ", this year, the electricity supplier giant discount promotion has a new play, began the layout of the import for the first time the market for online shopping, online shopping market to expand cross-border. China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2018 the number of cross-border online shopping in China will reach 35 million 600 thousand, with the rapid development of the market and the electricity supplier giant involved in the sea Amoy market structure or will accelerate the shuffle.

double eleven add "internationalization" color

it is understood that the Amazon China and Tmall international recently announced that it will join this year’s double eleven, the main international brand globalization concept.

B2C international Alibaba official Wu Qian said that this year eleven consumers in the Tmall international shopping, can Chinese interface and RMB payment at the same time, Alipay, Tmall and Chinese customs bonded mode through international cooperation, the sea Amoy process shortened to a week or less.

on cross-border online shopping in the competition, the Alibaba also resorted to a "killer" rookie logistics, it is understood that through innovation "bonded mode", the goods can be shipped to overseas merchants domestic bonded warehouse in advance, online sales after the completion of rapid clearance, the rookie logistics coordination domestic distribution.

another electricity supplier giant Amazon also announced that during the eleven double, Amazon China will work together to promote the sale of more than and 300 international famous brands. In addition, Amazon will also China in eleven during the double start trial operation China Amazon overseas purchase Chinese page service, and the international commodity market price.

industry reshuffle or accelerate

it is understood that the electricity supplier giants have layout imported online shopping, mainly fancy the prospect of China’s imports of online shopping. In recent years, overseas purchasing, sea Amoy rise, has nurtured a large number of cross-border online shopping consumers.

Published Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center on

data show that in 2013 China overseas purchasing market transactions amounted to 76 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 58.8% compared to 2012. By 2018, the number of cross-border online shopping in China will reach 35 million 600 thousand.

despite the prospect of attractive, but for now, overseas purchasing, sea Amoy cross-border shopping channels to occupy the cross-border shopping market is quite chaotic pattern. Personal purchasing channels, such as the presence of fakes, after-sales issues are also many consumers criticized. The industry believes that the electricity supplier to join or will exacerbate the competition in the industry, but also help to gradually standardize the industry.

China electronic commerce research center network retail department director Mo Daiqing said, Chinese mainstream cross-border electricity supplier mainly has three modes: Bonded import + overseas direct mail, direct + and direct investment. In addition, due to the transparency of the mainstream electricity supplier legal, customs, and other departments will have a one-stop service.

regardless of the outcome of the competition, in front of the electricity supplier giant

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