Group purchase brand of war

buy hot has no doubt, fierce competition. But the discussion of the group buying mode has not stopped. Some people even said that the group is buying a Ponzi scheme. From the original virtual goods gradually to the physical transition. We don’t talk about virtual goods and I think, group purchase group purchase, is the brand for the kind of businesses of war.

buy low discount, it really can not imagine. Sometimes even see the money. This makes us seem really fantastic. For businesses and buy platform, the purpose of doing so is the most extreme marketing, in fact, the role of quality or advertising.

our pursuit of cheap goods, as prices rise, the price has become a very important factor in the purchase of goods. But once the price down, and even a substantial price cuts, it is difficult to guarantee the quality and service. This led to the confusion of the current situation of the group buying industry, so that the 3.15 parties are criticized.

for large well-known brands, and occasionally as a marketing tool to buy, can really play a good role, but not without restraint to do, is to damage their brand life. Once the price changes, service and quality must not keep up. (otherwise, people will go to buy, and no one to buy normal goods). Really want to expand the business, do not be too with the group purchase of muddy water. Shaping the brand is the need for excellent quality, reputation and service. To allow customers to see even a marketing tool, and will not be too much difference with ordinary goods, or customers to buy more promotional merchandise, it will form a dependency on the promotion of goods, and thus the formation of a cognitive. That is not how the brand.

but for small and medium enterprises in the region, the scale of enterprise development is not large, and some have just started, some may be localized only in the local market. For these companies, living has become the most important thing. Whether it is a means of promotion, service and quality can not keep up, as long as they can bring short-term profits and turnover, so that they live, they are very satisfied with the. Brand is a distant dream for them. Brand need is real money and contest, which businesses have become problems in their own life to do these things?

price is an important means for enterprises to compete for the market, but the service and quality is a sword brand building. If the service and quality do not go, the enterprise can not be long. It should be said that the right to buy we are not opposed to the enterprise is indeed a very effective means of promotion. But too much of the low quality of low – quality services to buy overdraft is not only the life of the brand of the enterprise, but also a national brand of destruction.

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