Wang Chunlei network domain name business like a bowl of Steamed Rice

March 10th news, 2006 China Super Adsense entrepreneurship contest " entrepreneurial practice " training held in Beijing today, Tencent science and Technology Conference on the exclusive broadcast.

is vice president Wang Chunlei speech:


Wang Chunlei:

network domain name business like a bowl of Steamed Rice

Wang Chunlei: we just listen to how to do stand and stand how to do, I’m not talking about doing stand today, but how easier than the war, more important, more valuable thing is the domain name. In fact, everyone in the promotion of each network must be in the promotion of domain names, many sites are composed of domain names. I introduce myself, I have been working in all five years, I have been working in this industry for ten years, 97 years from the beginning to now registered domain name. Today, I put my understanding and understanding of the domain name to share with you, so it is not to say what is very professional training, just to share. Today to talk about the choice of domain name and domain name appreciation.

talk about the meaning of the domain name, which I understand. The domain name in 97 years, when I was in contact with the domain name, many enterprises apply for the domain is just for the sake of publicity, he did not know what is the domain name, also won’t like now so cheap, then understand a domain name is a trademark. But as time goes on, now we put the domain name as a valuable thing, because it can be added, if you do not pay attention at the time, when you remember the value of it will increase a lot. From my understanding, the domain name has now from the publicity to the value, that is to say if you register a good domain name you will have many ideas, for example, you can make a station, you can also put this domain name to related people. For example, the Chinese army, the Chinese Army domain name on the Internet now, you think he was doing when the Chinese army did not expect any good domain name, so the name is very important. You think about it, you think this name, I call it, you think of your user base in where? If your position in the country, I suggest you should use the Chinese people more accustomed to the domain name. For example, I think I have to use the Chinese Army Jun, you go to search the Chinese Army search engine, no one search onlien, are going to search the Chinese army, so I said the domain is very important word. I think of the Chinese army, I will think of a lot of, the Chinese army will think a lot, so I understand that it is now to the domain name to the name".

domain name my own understanding has now become a rare asset, it is the first note first, can not be repeated, it is limited, not unlimited. Domain names are like stocks and real estate. Why do you say that? The value of the domain name sometimes fall, sometimes up, the recent domain name down, but in fact the name of the international domain name has gone up again. Can register to the high quality domain name is very much, so the number of high quality domain name is less and less. The promotion of domain name is more and more, you are sure to have a domain name, you want to promote your own web site must be carried out to promote the domain name

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