618 lift the nternet all star wars, who play the leading role

said Chinese love ride, this is true after all, or because others looked at the booming jealous, we go together lively heap is nothing but want to take the opportunity to make himself a fire. The rise of the Internet age also will bring a variety of consumer holiday hot, from the double 11 singles, "37 girls Festival", "38 life" to "double 12 Shopping Festival" and the upcoming "618 business day", many consumers are looking forward to the day of the festival a happy consumption.

for Internet companies, some would like to take this opportunity to expose themselves more exposure, and some would like to take this opportunity to get a big pen. On the day of June 18th is only the beginning of the original Jingdong mall anniversary, after the war with the major electricity supplier platform Tmall, Gome has become the 618 electricity supplier, but now it is beginning to evolve into the entire Internet industry all star wars.

is different from the previous major shopping festival, this time the 618 Jingdong, whether it is Tmall, Suning and other integrated business platform, or the United States, brewmaster and other vertical electric providers, they are no longer limited to the price war, but relates to the brand, service, logistics and other all-round competition. At the same time, this time the 618 shopping carnival is not the only electricity supplier products, as well as O2O services to join, and the war intelligent mobile phone and hardware manufacturers are more let this shopping festival become a scuffle, who will also become the 618 year war hero


a, Tmall

During the big promotion Tmall

of the year, the joint business invested 100 million yuan and 200 million yuan red commodity profits, while the "X plan" spread industrial chain network, joint SIEMENS, Midea, GREE, Haier, Procter & Gamble, ZARA, Laneige and other 24 brands launched a super brand on the project. In addition, it is interesting to compare in June 16th is today Tmall launched the next day delivery, and Jingdong contest.

comment: this time the price of Tmall intensity was not great, the launch of the super brand, brand image intention platform Tmall super. But this time, Tmall launched the next day and not for all users, but Tmall started a pilot implementation of the fast logistics. The next day only marked words of goods can enjoy the service, the scope is very small, only for the goods manufacturers near the city basically, but it also shows that Tmall in the future will be to enhance the delivery efficiency of large efforts, especially in the Shopping Festival this day.

two, Jingdong

Jingdong, the Jingdong will be through the mobile phone client interactive game will send up to 1 billion yuan a red envelope, and WeChat shopping, shopping and other hand Q platform will also launch envelopes, gifts and gift coupons. But for Tmall launched the super brand, Jingdong will be in the "6· 18" on the eve of the intensive release reached a strategic cooperation with the brand message, and set the global purchase, intelligent life, mobile social network finance, several large plate pushing all the products.