The depth of the cow head on the income of thousands of ways to make money

recently found a " in the group " expert; blew day thousands of pieces of records, let the group of friends envy ah, asking didn’t get expert advice, " " other profitable projects is to analyze the black brother best, summarizes the project operation method, the little black brother today give you some expert uncover the secret to make money.

Study on the

problem, we must learn to see the essence through the phenomenon, Wangzhuan method research of others, and then summed up by analyzing a general way to make money. How to analyze and summarize them here. First open the web site, easy to explain, very typical use of goods can be copied, at the same time, the concept of commodity packaging, enhance the value of the goods, the money actually around a lot of people in the operation, only a few people to study.

black brother suggested that we carefully study Taobao, you will find a lot of money making ideas, to observe and study others website profits, then contact with Taobao, it will generate a lot of profitable projects. Followed by a detailed explanation of the specific process.

one. Specific operation process

first step: looking for a copy of the profitable commodity

to Taobao to find a number of hot selling virtual goods, requires a copy. For example, technology entrepreneurship training CD, video lectures, VIP training courses, Wangzhuan, charge of e-books, cracked version of commercial application, charging source, cracked version of marketing software (such as e-mail message, the forum message).

second step: select the commodity

note: choosing a product that you are most familiar with and having market needs is the key to success. Then go to Taobao to buy these virtual goods, of course, to buy the same class, as you are buying mass software, it can go to buy QQ group, e-mail group, the forum message, buy more of several types to meet the needs of different customers, investment stage, can buy a little less, but also to control the cost. In order to reduce the cost of investment.

third step: set up a good mall system, the concept of packaging

to choose a suitable online free mall system, we buy the software, sorting, and then put it up. Pay attention to the following tasks before starting sales

1. Do a good job of art, let others look like your site is very professional.

2. Add a good customer service system, good after-sales service

3. The credibility of the site is very important, the site should have a fixed contact, the product photos, pictures, should have.

fourth step: to carry out a variety of profit

we put the mall is not a single sale, but the use of membership sales.

VIP: a monthly

mode two: VIP package annual

three: VIP lifelong membership