Su Ningyun will push the line under the same price policy

Securities Times Reporter Yuan source

recently, Su Ningyun (002024) held a China retail development symposium, from domestic Internet, the flow of Commerce, finance observation field of dozens of experts and scholars and research institutions are the future status and trends of the development of China retail industry is discussed.

Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin said at the meeting: "both online and offline, consumers face the same Suning, buy the same goods, in the same city to enjoy the same service, should enjoy the same price; while Suning has the same purchasing organization, the same operating costs, the same service cost, as the enterprise, also should be the same price policy to promote online and offline."

Sun Weimin believes that the current retail environment, the electricity supplier to the attitude of low-cost and advanced business model has been sought after by investors, the public. However, the online price strategy will break the inertia of thinking of low-cost electricity supplier, O2O (Online to Offline) fusion will redefine the retail price, bring new value for consumers, the development of the industry.

experts believe that the integration of online and offline has become an inevitable trend of the future development of China’s retail industry, commodity price integration has become a key step in the development of double line collaboration.

Analysys International CEO Yang believes that the Internet era, changing consumer shopping habits and path. Consumer contact point is multi screen and cross platform, access to information, payment is also more diverse. Especially with the development of mobile terminals, in the home, office, on the road to complete the shopping needs, as a retail enterprise to be able to adapt to this new change. But Yang also stressed that the electricity supplier in the final analysis, the electricity supplier in the retail industry is to return to the essence of circulation.

so-called O2O, that is, the online Internet gene injection line, re integration to produce a new life, not pure online, nor is it pure line." Alamu J, deputy director of the China Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee on the issue of how to integrate the physical retail and e-commerce in detail. At present, the United States, the top ten e-commerce companies, the development of the next line from the line to come over, but on the contrary, the only one of the top nine Suning is the case of the situation in the country, the first one is only one of the top ten."

currently, Suning stores operating category of goods quickly from the electrical to books, department stores, daily necessities and other stores, then adding comprehensive service area, virtual product display area, Suning online and offline category to expand and service experience has been gradually merged. Earlier this year, Suning clear cloud business strategy, a strong integration of the Internet era O2O retail development path.