All the electricity supplier giant shopping price speculation or survival

this is a guess to the beginning, also could not guess the outcome of the shopping. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall in August 14th suddenly launched an attack, declared from now on, all the power that the Jingdong than Suning and GOME stores at least 10% cheaper. After a short silence, executive vice president Li Bin responded that any users found that (all) the price is higher than the Jingdong, will give the already purchased feedback two times the price subsidy. Subsequently, the United States, said He Yangqing, vice president, do not avoid any form of price war. The morning of August 15th 9, a consumer is questioned in speculation, Jingdong, Suning, Gome is the survival of the struggle of the price war started.

a micro-blog speculation caused by


this price war is not tragic, promotional efforts are far from the expectations of consumers.

fuse is Liu Qiangdong in August 14th, a micro-blog: Jingdong zero gross margin, all of the Jingdong to ensure that the United States than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least more than." In the three anniversary of the birthday of promotion comes as "challenges", immediately triggered a large-scale online crowd.

hours later, executive vice president Li Bin said any follow up, users found the price of products is higher than the Jingdong, all will be price and payment. Immediately, the war of words upgrade. Liu Qiangdong bursts of 6 micro-blog responded that "if Suning can sell 1 yuan, the price is 0 yuan a Jingdong." Gome also announced at night, from 9 am on August 15th, Gome online mall across the board commodity prices will be lower than Jingdong’s $5%.

on the surface, consumers will enjoy a low-cost feast, but the actual situation is that this is known as "the history of the minimum price war is not fierce, even far from the promotion of consumer expectations.

in many businesses advertised ‘lowest price’ commodity data, many of which are in the state of goods." Day 15, in the best of spirits involved in parity a netizen Tucao said, immediately drew a similar encounter with countless. Many more users reflect the page loading speed of Gome mall, and Jingdong is slow, many discounted selling goods showed no goods, and frequent price changes.

a Amoy network August 15th price monitoring shows that the same day the whole network monitoring the 6 major B2C merchants online shopping more than 10000 pieces of electrical goods of the people of the world’s largest. Of which only more than 5 thousand commodity prices have declined, accounting for a total of 4.2%, while the highest decline in commodity prices that day only about 10%. Amoy network listing of the inventory rate table also shows that the day of the highest rate of shortage of Jingdong, up to 29.63%.

fast and easy CEO Bu Guangqi lashed out at the electric business war is a marketing hoax. "Liu Qiangdong has won a number of headlines in the press with more than one micro-blog." An unnamed insiders said, "other business tycoon will be leveraging marketing." In his view, Jingdong take >