Novice online shop to pay attention to four details

the first detail, stay several contact.

Taobao want

Taobao store, Ali Wangwang with ALI wang. Many shopkeepers thought that was enough. In fact, many of our clients are from Taobao and Ali, they do not want to download Taobao and Ali Wangwang on their computer. If the customer wants to communicate with you online, they don’t know how to contact you. So, be sure to keep a few contacts in your store’s location and the details of each product. First, the QQ number must be left, and now almost all the people are using QQ chat. Secondly, MSN is also best to stay, because many white-collar workers can not be used during the QQ, but it can be used MSN, and the use of MSN white-collar companies usually have a strong ability to purchase online.

second details, leaving several bank accounts.

to do business in Taobao and Ali, Alipay do not think that as long as there is enough. Many from outside Taobao and Ali’s customers have never used Alipay, some people to use non bank financial instruments is an inherent preparedness and fear, they only used the use of bank cards. Then, you’d better leave Chinese four state-owned banks (China bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, ICBC China China) account, if possible, you can also leave the camp of Bank of China Merchants Bank, Bank of communications, Shenzhen Shanghai Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other public account, to facilitate the smooth payment of different customers money. This will keep you from running away. I have made a mistake in this regard, because there is no Construction Bank and Bank of China account, and ran away several customers. Painful lesson, I hope you learn.

third details, detailed description of the product description.

product description in addition to product introduction, should also include specific mail, postage, return instructions. Of course, these in the Taobao store, when you release the product the way to fill up; but when Ali Wangpu, you need to publish the product, in the "details" the big box with clear text. So when the customer, you can browse the product at a glance, be aware of, but also saves the communication time, improve efficiency.

fourth details, to the customer with a name card.

open shop with the opening of the store is the same, the need for repeat customers. But most of the shops do a one-time business, and can not allow customers to repeat the purchase. One of the reasons for this is that the customer has forgotten your domain name. So, when you are sent to the customer, don’t forget to put on a name card in the parcel, to remind customers to put your name card on the computer side, so the next customer can according to your name card on the domain name directly into your shop.

more than four details I observed a lot of shops summed up. I found more than 70% of the owner >