Listing the first double eleven Alibaba intends to do

text / Sohu IT Zhang Rui

Alibaba after the listing of the first Tmall double 11, internationalization has become its biggest concern.

how to make more domestic consumers can buy global goods, as well as to the global consumers, at least Chinese consumers can buy domestic goods, Tmall internationalization is the need to solve the problem. Corresponding to the operational level, Tmall international service to the former, Taobao overseas, aliexpress service to the latter, rookie network and Alipay international service two-way logistics and capital flow.

Tmall international Alibaba this year to spare no effort to promote a piece of business, there are already more than and 20 countries in the world’s 2.6 overseas merchants settled. According to Wang Yulei, President of Tmall, has been identified to participate in the international business of 11 double up to now reached more than and 200, the number is still increasing.

One example is the

of fresh fruits and vegetables brand "Dole", the brand Tmall flagship store opened in August, this year will be the first time to participate in Tmall double 11. Dole Chinese business manager Shen Kailing said 11 to brand a good opportunity, will fully cooperate with Tmall, to provide more benefits to consumers.

Wang Yulei said that this year is the first year of global landing Tmall. Compared with the previous fragmented purchasing, Tmall international goods shipped directly by overseas businesses, into the domestic bonded warehouse, all goods are formal customs declaration of goods.

over the past few years, the International Office of Alibaba through the signing of an agreement with foreign government agencies, enterprises, to promote the development of Tmall international overseas businesses.

Taobao overseas and fast sell through two platforms for global consumers, to help Chinese buyers to expand overseas markets. Currently covering 220 key countries. In order to attract overseas consumers, Taobao overseas and fast selling in Taiwan, Hongkong Tongli and convenience stores, so the next line and foreign website promotion, but also with businesses to conduct joint promotion.

in order to meet the above two business, rookie network and Alipay has made the corresponding preparations. General manager of Tmall’s marketing department Ying Hong introduction, this is the first rookie network across the country, will be settled through overseas Jiancang, the introduction of international logistics, bonded zone, service consumers and businesses at home and abroad. Alipay is in many overseas countries to provide overseas payment support deployment server.

Wang Yulei said that the current preparation, response from the United Kingdom and the United States mainstream consumer demand, there is no problem, the Alibaba also hope that through this double 11, which country of overseas Chinese electricity supplier "the most enthusiastic".

for domestic and foreign media, investors, and constantly refresh the double 11 sales have been very difficult to create excitement, the Alibaba’s international business through this double 11 bursts of big energy? Everyone is waiting for an answer.