The design duty description and KP performance evaluation of the management of electricity supplier

on behalf of the search on the performance evaluation, in this regard, not much to send friends involved, there are many people ask questions about the performance of the set. So, today, we share the MIW and now use the job description and KPI performance appraisal system. In order to design this applies to independent electricity supplier, Taobao, channels and other electricity supplier positions, for example, to share electricity supplier in the quantitative management of performance appraisal. Performance evaluation includes three parts: performance appraisal system, job description, assessment form.

first, performance appraisal system

specification, clear and guide the operation and management of the company’s performance appraisal, to ensure the realization of corporate strategic objectives. The conclusion of the system is to provide basis for employee performance pay and bonus, salary adjustment, job adjustment and so on. The general framework is as follows:

1 purpose

2 scope of application

3 assessment results using

4 performance appraisal responsibilities and principles

5 performance evaluation

6 performance appraisal program

7 assessment results using

8 assessment results feedback and improvement

as a result of the system content is more, only outline, then it will be uploaded for download.

two. Job description

is used to define the daily work content and post responsibility of each post, and provide the basic support for the development and evaluation of the assessment form. To design jobs, for example, and share the responsibilities of the design post description, as follows:


In the

diagram, the job description is divided into four parts: the things that must be done every day, the things that must be done every week, the tasks that must be done, and the management of personal goals.

must do every day can be divided into work, summary and details of the three parts.


can also be divided into work every week, summary and details of the three parts.


personal goal management: KPI self assessment, personal ability phase improvement plan and annual plan.


activities must be done before the project is divided into pre design, design and design.


tasks must be done to the process (see "business planning process" quantitative management) as the basis, clear job responsibilities designer activities in the whole process, and clear the internal process of designer job.