Part of the outage from today’s large number of online shopping was forced to break

Information Times News (reporter Xu Lan) "feel shy ah pro, now take the goods only to the festival to send." Buy, buy new clothes store, special purchases for the Spring Festival gift, is still in the peak of the online shopping online shopping festival warm family suddenly found that many have closed shop from the beginning of this week, or that years ago only orders delivery, or is the recipient of the deadline, or even part of the shop all the goods to do the shelves the reason is not, "courier receipt".

a large number of online shopping was forced to rest

"January 30th years ago, the last time on the new, photographed pro please pay before 6 this afternoon, otherwise it will close the transaction. From January 31st to February 17th, the store is not only a single shipment, all transactions from the beginning of the issue in February 18th, such as the pro re shoot." This is a Taobao crown three (Taobao seller rating) shop on Wednesday in the shop home to hang out notice, but there are many similar shops. Another four crown shop is full of goods to do the shelves yesterday from the start, development plan and put up a website on 2013, and suggested that the members can station information transmitted, they will focus on the years.

there are some shops, although still in the delivery, but most of them can not guarantee that the goods can be received years ago, depending on the courier character". "I also have lipstick, foundation, these things did not buy, but today visited the seven or eight shop, there is no spot that will not be able to receive the goods before the year, I want to use the new year, no way, can only go to the mall to buy." White collar Chen is a typical online shopping people, from clothing shoes to cosmetic care products are purchased online, on the grounds that the new price is cheaper. Let her depressed, after years ago work finally come to an end to the shopping spree, many shop but notice because the courier relationship cannot be guaranteed to receive the goods before, in desperation Miss Chen had to go to the store to buy.

is not just Taobao, many online stores are facing the same problem. The company clerk Miss Li recently received two stores telephone, inform the Jingdong from online shopping mall goods by express knock off can not be served, or change the surface or return, "the Spring Festival ten days, how not to deliver the


part of the courier outage

A large number of

shop due to delivery and was forced out of business phenomenon, so a lot of online shopping family was surprised. "I know the shop and express the Spring Festival will go out of business, but this is not a post office notice to ensure the normal operation of? Why is

as usual?"

it is understood that in January 21st the State Post Bureau to express industry issued a document request, during the Spring Festival and express routes to ensure the normal operation of the network, the courier companies to arrange production according to the festival "during the Spring Festival Holiday Express Service Guide" requirements, provide outlets designated area collection and send pieces of services in each run business city, and announced the arrangement express service during the Spring Festival to the public through the website and business premises.