Comprehensive understanding of network marketing and easy to produce errors

network marketing has become the most popular topic, understanding of network marketing enterprises earlier and engaged in the sale of individual have to plunge into the network marketing, but in some enterprises and individuals due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of network marketing, it will inevitably produce some deviation in the implementation process.

network marketing (On-line Marketing or E-Marketing) is based on the Internet, a new marketing approach to the use of digital information and network media interactive to help achieve marketing objectives. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as the main means of marketing activities in order to achieve a certain purpose. The electronic commerce network marketing and we often see something different, specifically, the connotation of e-commerce is very wide, with the Internet and network marketing platform to pay more attention to the marketing activities, network marketing, online payment, regardless of goods distribution and other issues, only related to publicity and promotion of goods in early trading the business scope of electronic commerce, and it involves not just these, compared to the network marketing, e-commerce is the advanced stage of network marketing.

said clearly the concept of network marketing, we talk about several common ways of network marketing. At present, several ways are common: word-of-mouth marketing, media marketing, information marketing, electronic magazine marketing, IM marketing, image marketing, marketing, SNS marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, network marketing, event marketing, game embedded search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing, database marketing, SMS marketing, viral marketing ask, marketing, QQ group marketing, social media marketing, according to B2B website product information publishing and marketing platform, micro-blog marketing is very fire. Should the commonly used way of marketing to medium and small enterprises and individuals are mainly engaged in network marketing: marketing IM (actually QQ real-time interactive tools, you know), online advertising, marketing news (through news events or make news to attract public attention, the financial strength of the enterprise, marketing (to do) have the writing skills of the brothers, a big stage, (OH) forum marketing is everywhere, a chain post kind) and SNS marketing (which may be SNS way oh), blog marketing (popular a few years ago), Email marketing (the feeling is more effective for foreign), SEM (Search Engine Optimization Marketing is not an ordinary person can do, especially popular keywords), there is now more popular micro-blog marketing.

as a result of the network marketing is a new marketing tool, so some enterprises and individuals in the implementation process will inevitably be a lot of errors, resulting in asymmetric input-output ratio. The main mistake is:

1, build a website is the network marketing: it should be, this is a superficial understanding of network marketing, the website is through the Internet to showcase products, showing the service window, only the first step to carry out network marketing, want to do.

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