What is the lack of innovation in agricultural electricity supplier


I am a big fan, so at the beginning of the first article in the tiger sniffing the quote following this drama plot.

compared to the U.S. drama most people bring exquisite, humorous and exotic culture shock, this "stuffy, blunt, I just want the house, poor, cheap, can not move" people keep them as a real life experience of the world’s small window. 2 Broke Girls (bankruptcy sisters) is an important member of drama I chase in the combination, it is the first "poor small business" story, for me, to see the peer anecdotes experience than watching those chiefs packaged stories come too; furthermore, the drama "tongue" is inside there is no lack of real life as a playful, comedy version of the review of American street news is good. For example, in the episode aired just shortly, mentioned in New York’s hot Cronut croissant ring, this is an innovation in the bakery chef SOHO District of New York, two kinds of baked food — Croissant and Donut croissant doughnut together he will be the most popular, so a plus the effect of more than two, welcomed by consumers, plus the production time and limited supply, causing fever are the early morning chowhound long queues, the most spread the story through the media and social networks, focusing on amplification, almost naturally made the "burst" effect.


do a lot of years of brand, communication and marketing work, more than a smile, I will go to what is the essence of the story: a product level coup? Step marketing level good chess? Or a model level innovation?… no, because the big hat on a a small event (or small events may include some luck or specific conditions), a bit. Relatively pragmatic, is to look at the story behind what elements include:

1, croissants and donuts are the people most often eat baked foods — the foundation of the masses;

2, New York resident population of about 8000000, the bakery number nearly 4500, far higher than most Beijing Sichuan Museum per capita market, consumer groups highly mature, intense competition; (* above statistics from Yelp, there is a certain error)

3, croissants and donuts has a long history, there have been many new tastes, but many consumers still favor the traditional taste of the category of high concentration.

so, what does this have to do with the topic I’m writing today?

electricity supplier of agricultural products, specifically said, the vast majority of edible agricultural products business, from the beginning of last year, online and offline fields are people talking to today, the complexity still inevitably trapped in the chain management of agricultural products cultivation, production, supply, focusing on agricultural products to standard >

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